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Isselmere Motor Works
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Headquarters: Thistlemoor, Isselmere, UKIN
Products: Engines and land vehicles
Commercial entity: Private corporation
Storefront: Isselmere Motor Works
Stock exchange: IMW

Isselmere Motor Works (IMW), the United Kingdom of Isselmere-Nieland's largest automobile manufacturer, came to the broader world's notice as the producer of marine engines for the Royal Shipyards of Isselmere-Nieland. IMW subsequently opened its own storefront offering a wide selection of armoured vehicles, from the L12 tracked amphibious assault vehicle to the L27 heavy self-propelled howitzer.

Headquartered in Thistlemoor in northwest Isselmere, the privately-owned, publicly-listed firm currently has a branch plant in Russkya to assist in the manufacture of vehicles and weapons systems for the Russkyan Army.


Walter Cadogan



Aeronautical Division

Marine Propulsion Division

Land Defence Systems

IMW Land Defence Systems is headquartered at Thistlemoor in northwestern Isselmere, with branch plants in Russkya and Rusokaria.

L12 Otter Tracked Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAVT) series

The L12 series of tracked amphibious assault vehicles constructed for the Royal Isselmere-Nieland Marines are currently in service with several nations.

L12PC expeditionary fighting vehicle (EFV)
L12AG assault gun vehicle (AGV)
L12AR armoured recovery vehicle (ARV)
L12CP tactical command post (TCP)

L15 Tracked Light Armoured Vehicle series

L15PC Badger tracked infantry fighting vehicle (IFV)
L15AD Badger air defence vehicle (ADV)
L15AR Badger armoured recovery vehicle (ARV)
L15AT Badger anti-tank missile vehicle (ATMV)
L15CE Armadillo tracked combat engineers vehicle (CEV)
L15CP Badger tactical command post (TCP)
L15CV Badger command and control vehicle (CCV)
L15DF Wolverine direct fire vehicle (DFV)
L15FO Badger forward observation vehicle (FOV)
L15GP Hedgehog general purpose armoured vehicle (GPAV)
L15LT Wolverine light tank (LT)
L15MC Badger self-propelled mortar (SPM)

L16 Wheeled Light Armoured Vehicle series

L16PC Vixen wheeled infantry section carrier (ISC)
L16AD Vixen wheeled air defence vehicle (ADV)
L16AM Vixen wheeled armoured medical transport (AMT)
L16AR Vixen wheeled armoured recovery vehicle (ARV)
L16AT Vixen wheeled anti-armour missile vehicle (ATMV)
L16CE Vixen wheeled combat engineering (sapper/pioneer) vehicle (CEV)
L16CP Vixen wheeled tactical command post vehicle (TCP)
L16CR Vixen wheeled combat reconnaissance vehicle (CRV)
L16CV Vixen wheeled command and control vehicle (CCV)
L16DC Vixen wheeled tactical UAV control vehicle (TDC)
L16DF Vixen wheeled direct fire vehicle (DFV)
L16ER Vixen wheeled nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare reconnaissance vehicle (NBCR)
L16FO Vixen wheeled artillery forward observation vehicle (FOV)
L16GP Vixen wheeled general purpose armoured vehicle (GPAV)
L16MC Vixen wheeled self-propelled mortar (SPM)
L16RV Vixen wheeled field artillery counter-battery radar vehicle (RAV)

L21 Tracked Heavy Armoured Vehicle series

See also L21 heavy armoured vehicle series.

L21 Kodiak main battle tank (MBT)
L21C Kodiak command tank (CT)
L21A Jaguar air defence vehicle (ADV)
L21B Buffalo armoured bridge-laying vehicle (AVLB)
L21E Elephant armoured engineering vehicle (AEV)
L21R Auroch armoured recovery vehicle (ARV)


See also UDEC Lion/Puma.

In collaboration with Space Union Motors, ONDI, and Praetonia, IMW designed the UDEC Lion/Puma main battle tank, currently in service with the Isselmere-Nielander Army. Like the L21 series, the Puma has been produced in several versions:

  • Lion MBT
  • Lion CT
  • Lion ADV
  • Lion AEV
  • Lion ARV
  • Lion AVLB

Isselmere-Nieland Defence Industries

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