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This article deals with Italian as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Italian (Italiano)
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Italian is an Italo-Dalmatian Romance language. In the NationStates world, the language plays a fairly important role, as many players claim that their nations have some Italian-speakers, or that it is their official languages. In some cases, the players behind these nations do so because they are fluent speakers of the language in RL, though in other cases they just do it because they have sympathy towards the language or because it fits their roleplaying background. Such nations may also have mottos or nation names in Italian.

Italian's Relevance in the NationStates World

There are solid numbers of roleplaying nations that have Italian as an official language, but Italian remains a rather modest presence in the NS forums.

Most people behind these nations are native Italian speakers, coming mainly from the most obvious place, RL Italy and, to a lesser extent, Switzerland.

Italian-Speaking Nations in Nationstates

These are the roleplaying nations that claim to have Italian as their official language, or one of their official languages.

  • Acqua Pacifica's citizens are mostly bilingual (primarily Italian), as both Italian and English are taught in Acqua Pacifican schools.
  • Clandon recognizes Italian as an unofficial minority language.
  • Cookborough speaks a Cookboroughan dialect of Italian, which is only slightly different than Italian.
  • The Holy Empire of Edvardus's official language is Italian, even though Italians are not the majority. In fact, to most people in Edvardus, Italian is their second language.
  • La provincia di roma's national language, along with English, is Italian. It also recognizes other dialects from Central Italy.
  • Liverpool England does not recognise Italian as a national language. However, it is recognised as a minority language, and is an official language of the Northeast Region.
  • Nazione Italiana recognizes Italiano-Nuovo as its official language, which is a slight variant on Italian.
  • New-Avalon uses a dialect known as Avalonic Italian as its only offical language.
  • Nueve Italia recognizes Italian as the "official" language of the nation, however, Spanish, English, and Russian are also widely spoken.
  • Pacitalia speaks a unique language similar in form but separate in terms of language family and historical property. It is known as Pacitalian, and is arguably more widely spoken worldwide.
  • Pinguinum recognises Italian as one of its three main languages.
  • The Latin Union's ethnic minority of Italians speak Italian. Italian is also recognized as an official language by that nation.
  • Italian is one of two major languages in San Adriano, along with Wymgani.
  • Stellarises official language, Stellarisien, derives about 80% of it's vocabulary and grammar from Italian.
  • The Latin Union's ethnic minority of Italians speak Italian. Italian is also recognized as an official language by that nation.

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