Jacob Bergmanis

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Lord Jacob Bergmanis
Official Title
Former Lord Sheriff of the Citadel
2001 - 2006
His father served as Lord Sheriff under Mary II.

Lord Jacob Bergmanis followed his father into service in the Imperial Household in 1976 after completing his studies at the University of Cesis. He served briefly under the Lord Baliff of Kuldiga before moving to the office of the Lord Constable.

In 1989, Lord Jacob moved to the office of the Lord Sheriff and remained their until he was named in 2001 to become the new Lord Sheriff. In this capacity, Lord Jacob is responsible for the security of all Imperial properties. With Lords Baliff responsible for the palaces in Kuldiga and Sigulda, and lesser officials responsible for lesser estates, the Lord Sheriff is primarily concerned with the palaces and castles in the captial itself. By extension, he is also responsible for the safety of the Imperial family itself and, as a result, the Lord Sheriff works closely with the Captain of the Imperial Guard.

During his tenure, Lord Jacob developed a reputation for fierce loyalty to the Emperor. He was also known for his ultra-conservative views on Imperial authority.

In late 2005, the Emperor suffered a severe heart attack leading to conflict between the Imperial Senate, the Imperial Household and barons over the regency and succession to the Sword. Driven by his fierce loyalty, Lord Jacob came to believe that it was necessary to close the Senate in order to preserve the reign of David IV. Tragically, his attempt, along with General Maris Jansons, the Captain of the Imperial Guard, to close the Senate ended with Jansons' suicide and murder of Defence Minister Davis Robb. This failed coup against the Senate, combined with an equally disastrous attempt by the barons to replace the Emperor with his cousin, caused the government of Lady Jessica Tagaarth to collapse.

Lord Jacob was arrested on orders of Crown Prince Joseph and is currently awaiting trial.