Jacob Donnelly

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Rev. Jacob Donnelly
Director of Imperial Intelligence
2005 - Present

Rev. Jacob Donnelly graduated from the Citadel Seminary in 1988 and was ordained as a minister of the Church of Excalbia. After a few years of ministering primarily to immigrants and foreign asylum seekers, Donnelly felt led to serve in other ways. He joined the Excalbian Foreign Service in 1995 as a career diplomat.

After working his way up the ranks of the Foreign Service, Donnelly was dispatched as an envoy to Emperor Andreus at the Imperial Court of Christ Pantocrator. He was subsequently named ambassador to Pantocratoria. During his tenure as ambassador, Excalbia and Pantocratoria entered into a number of trade and military sales agreements. More importantly, the two empires entered into a broad alliance cemented by the marriage of Princess Anna and Prince Joseph.

After the contentious election of 2005, a vacancy was created at the top of the Imperial Intelligence Agency. Lady Gwyneth Hapsgaard, a Progressive Conservative senator, had been named by the previous government to head the agency after former director Lord James Reynolds had been forced to resign under the cloud of scandal. While the new Liberal led government did not wish to keep a member of the opposition at the head of the agency, they were also reluctant to turn the agency over to a career intelligence officer trained under Lord James.

The new government, on the recommendation of Minister of State Sir Albert Cummings, decided to tap a career ambassador to head the agency. After much deliberation, the position was offered to Rev. Donnelly.

Rev. Donnelly is married to the former Sarah Laimniece. The two married in 1991 and have two children.