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This article deals with Jainism as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Jainism is a classical religion with its origins in the prehistory of India. Jainism places great stress on compassion to all living beings and Self-control.

According to Jain beliefs, the universe was never created, nor will it ever cease to exist; for them, the universe itself is eternal, having no beginning and no end but passes through an endless series of cycles. Jainism is considered as one of the most ancient pantheist religion. For jains there are 2 levels of reality: Spirit and matter.

Compassion and non-violence are the main central values, and jainism is sometimes adopted by non-believers as a philosophy, without its religious aspect. Mohandas Gandhi was influenced by the jain philosophy.

Jainism is practiced in love and esterel where the main curent is Positive Jainism. Positive Jainism add to the traditional beliefs a great promise about the direction the world is going, with the possiblity of a liberation from the material world and the cycles. Many Jain celebrations in Love and esterel are inter-religious, where believers from other main religion and others faith are invited to attend and contribute. Jains also attend regularly others religions celebrations.

Many people from the region,India also practice Jainism.

In 2005, Jains built their holy city: Kapshur, as a replica of former ancient holy city: Kapsh