James Cross

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Premier James Cross
Former Premier:
Socialist Federation of Hallad
Former Chairman:
The True Directorate
Comrade General Aiden Cross, Comrade General Jeremy Cross

James Cross, 1931-2004

James Cross was the chairman of The True Directorate - the Halladi Socialist Party - and Premier of the Socialist Federation of Hallad before Hasan Muhammad. He is the nephew of Comrade General Aiden Cross, a hero of the First Halladi Civil War. He is known for inventing Halladi armour strategies. His father was Comrade General Jeremy Cross, another hero of the Halladi military.

Cross had a master degree in Politcal Science, Marxist Theory, Socialist Government, Economics, Socialogy. All of which were obtain at the University of Hallad, Ryydra. After his studies he joined the Red Army in which he ascended to the rank of Liuetenant, although he never saw combat.

He then started his politcal career, running for Mayor of Ryydra, which he won by a 15 point lead. He served for six years before he then ran for Govenor of Reyid province. He also won this election and served for only one term before becoming more active in True Directorate affairs. He became to secratery of the party under the ten year dictatorship peroid in which the True Directorate went under many reforms.

He soon became the favored True Directorate runner for chairman of the party. However, in a surprising end, he lost by 1% of the vote. He ran the next year and won.

Cross was imprisoned after four years of leadership, when Mustafa Fenris won elections and turned Hallad into a capitalist dictatorship. He was not released for 8 months when Fenris' regime disintigrated and he gave into international demands for elections. He regained leadership in Hallad after elections were held again.

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