James Swanner

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James Swanner
Head of Government
Prime Minister

James Swanner was the notorious dictator of British Londinium from CE 2000-2007.

Early Life

Born on 17 July 1961 in a small hospital near RAF High Wycombe in southern British Londinium, Swanner was the child of a goldsmith, Adrian Swanner, and a prostitute, Melissa Breckman. His father deserted James' mother five weeks after James was born; Swanner grew up never knowing who his father was. His mother was abusive, often drunk, and gone for long stretches of the day as she worked as an adult movie star. As he grew up, his mother could no longer afford daycare services after school for James. As a result, James would often do his math homework in plain view of his mother's work as a pornography star.

In 1972, local authorities decided that Melissa was a poor mother for the eleven-year-old, and had him removed to a foster home. His foster parents were university graduates who loved and cared for him, providing him with a myriad of educational materials. James had a predilection for public speaking and politics. Many people said that his orations had an almost hypnotic effect, that they felt compelled to act on his words.

James did excellently in school, recieving top marks. Swanner was such an excellent student, in fact, that he attended Westminster University at the tender age of fifteen, where he recieved a doctoral degree in international relations and international finance.

Political Career

With the encouragement of one of Swanner's numerous girlfriends, James decided to run in the 1983 mayoral election in his hometown of High Wycombe. Dashing, young, and energetic, he won by a landslide, and he served as mayor for seven years until 1990. At that point, his city wanted him to run as the Member of Parliament for their shire. He obliged, and swept the election once more, running on a Conservative platform. Over the next ten years, Swanner sat on parliamentary committees that dealt with the armed forces, the EBG, banking regulations, and the creation of the eura.

Rise to Power

James Swanner was the darling of the Londinian Conservative Party - dashing, young, and energetic, Swanner was poised to take the office was al-Filastini stepped down on the first day of the new millienium. For the first year of his term, Swanner continued to be the star of the Eurasian political scene, with popularity levels rocketing to unprecended highs. Liberalization and deregulation of the economy ensued after his first election, and Eurasia was as close as it had ever been to achieving its libertarian dreams up to that point. In late 2001, however, Swanner made radical shifts in his policies, which ran against the grain of standard Conservative practices. Before that point in time, a set of anarchists attempted to raid a nuclear missile compound - in response, James Swanner proposed the Londinian Defence and Solidarity Act, which strengthened military infrastructure, something that al-Filastini neglected. Three weeks later, a 'terrorist attack' on Parliament ravaged Kensington - an incident later revealed to be orchestrated by Swanner himself. With most Members of Parliament dead or severely injured, Swanner declared a state of emergency and granted himself the full power of Parliament, noting that he and his cabinet were all that remained of the Parliament. Swanner quickly initiated a series of drastic reforms; namely, he made sedition a crime, shaking one of Eurasia's founding tenets - the freedom of speech. With criticising the government now a capital crime, government oppression and tyranny spiralled out of control in British Londinium, and Swanner became more and more bizarre and sadistic in his governance. Swanner made purchasing teddy bears punishable by firing squad, he turned election booths into gas chambers, he introduced the giant blender as an execution method, he ordered that retirees be executed and used in the making of Chinese food. At one point, Swanner made utilising math a crime punishable by "being raped by Oprah". Swanner was also infamous for personally taking part in the rapes of female government officials and military officers. Internal passports and constant surveillance became commonplace, with British Londinium possessing the highest concentration of CCTV cameras in the world; the situation of soldiers prowling the streets, armed to the teeth, stating coldly, "Your papers, please," became commonplace. Furthermore, British Londinium entered into the EVIL alliance, only making Eurasia look worse in international eyes. After the Soveriegn League's invasion of British Londinium, James Swanner was executed by firing squad on 2 May 2007.