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Jantinism is an established religion in Navi Bharat which blends Vedanta Hindu and Buddhist belief. It is practiced by about 3% of the population.


Jantinism was founded in 1905 by Swami Ranjan Shri Baba, a Vedanta priest. While remaining true to the Vedanta but seeking his own path to enlightenment, he embraces some changed in the Vedanta doctrine, which he then wrote in his addendum to the Vedantas, The Jnanata Gita. The religion attracted few followers and after the Swami's death in 1927, was largely forgotten.

A resurrection of the Swami's teachings took place in the early 1970's, mostly due to the hippie movement. The religion then took root, and was given official status. Most modern Jantinists are either offspring of the original groups, or have discovered it recently, independently.


Jantinists are similar in belief to Vedantas, however, instead of preaching oneness with God, reject the idea of God entirely, and instead place their ultimate faith in the mandir- literally temple, but moreso a brotherhood. Key to the Jantinist philosophy is helping oneself overcome human needs, then branching out and helping others. Faith in the mandir embodies this.