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 The Iron Imperium of Jaredcohenia
Flag of Jaredcohenia
If It's A Tender Rump, You Know It's A Queen's Choice
Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

English, Jaredcohenian
Capital cities Stuyvesant
Emperor Ferrin I, Emperor of Jaredcohenia, Duke of Rosbaningrad, and the High Priest of the Holy Lands
Government type Near-absolute Monarchy
 - Total

approx. 6,300,000 km²
 - Total (as of 8/30/2007)

 -as Cohenia
 -as Jaredcohenia
 -as Confederate Provinces
 -as Imperium

circa 950BC
169 CE
958 CE

1651 CE
Time Zone GMT/UTC -0800 to -0300
Currency 1 yuran (JCU) = $1.9527 U.S. dollars
Internet TLD .jc, .ijc, .ijw
Calling Code +69
National animal
English name
Castor cohenia
Cohenian beaver

Jaredcohenia, officially known as the Iron Imperium of Jaredcohenia, is a nation in West Haven. Jaredcohenia shares a large border with the nation of the Candrian Empire.

Jaredcohenia consists of eight provinces, five territories, and one overseas territory known as Rosbaningrad. Jaredcohenia is a nation with mountains rich in metals, and is a leading exporter of precious metals and gems. It was formerly in the Sovereign League and is now in the New Alliance Treaty Organisation.


Before the Descendants

Lore from the ancient Cohenians describes them as the chosen people of God. Due to the Cohenian homeland's extreme northern position, it is believed that God himself stepped down from the Heavens and placed his first humans, the chosen ones, in what is now known as the Holy Lands.

The early Cohenians were invading tribes from the North, pillaging and plundering whatever wealth they could find. Records have shown that by the start of common era, the Cohenians had found the present day Zukariaans, Allaneans, Doomanis, and Questarians. A recent discovery, found off the shores of Rosbaningrad, was a sunken vessel believed to have been the remains of Yuri the Traveler, a man who had mapped a good portion of the Western Coast of Central Haven before dying at sea by the Zukariaans.

Settlement of Jaredcohenia

In the year 169, a sailor by the name of Rurik Stivisunt sailed, along with a small dispatch of the navy into the wild blue yonder. The ships were tossed and turned, until they reached a location they had never heard of before. The group had landed at a harbor, and placed the flag of the empire on the ground. Unknown to Stivisunt, this city would later be named in his honor as Stuyvesant and it would become the capital of the nation which he had founded.

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