Jasmina Wu

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Jasmina Wu
North-West Ariddian
former head of state
Second Secretary

Jasmina Wu was, from 2106 to 2121, the leader of the City of North-West Ariddia, a small sovereign nation entirely surrounded by its larger neighbour, West Ariddia. She is a member of the Democratic Communist Party, named after the eponymous ruling party in communist Ariddia.

Wu was born of immigrant parents and is of mixed Asian heritage. Thanks to North-West Ariddia's communist policies, she was able to attend university for free, despite her family's limited economic means. She took an acute interest in politics, and joined the Democratic Communist Party after obtaining a degree in poltical sciences from Nouvel Espoir National University. Notably, she spent six months of her second university year studying abroad, at the University of Mandragora in Pacitalia.

An active, committed lady, Wu rose became a prominent member of the Party, and became mayor of the suburban town Sheoni at the age of 35. She received her Party's backing to stand for the presidential election, and won a landslide victory.

Wu's politics sparked some degree of controversy. While asserting a strong commitment to social justice and environmental policies, Wu led her country away from a strict adherence to the Ariddian communist model, as she claimed that "North-West Ariddia, as a sovereign nation, needs to find its own way to communism. What is good for Ariddia is not necessarily good for North-West Ariddia".

Addressing the issue of a severe economic slump, Wu cautiously began to open up the (heretofore fully nationalised) economy to the private sector once more. This was done within the bounds of extremely strict guidelines to ensure the maintaining of workers' rights and environmental policies. While criticised by some, the result was a strengthening of the country's economy and of its currency, the Ariddian credit. Wu has called her politics "a reasonable balance which enables North-West Ariddian citizens to enjoy a comfortable standard of living, while benefiting from the vital social rights and responsabilities essential to a communist nation".

Wu's choices were frowned upon at times by the Ariddian government, but she nonetheless enjoyed a fairly amicable relationship with her Ariddian counterpart, Aj Ud. Relations with West Ariddia were, at times, strained, but both countries emphasised the need for peaceful co-existence, and Wu had several meeting with West Ariddian President Luc Sands. Sands applauded the revival of a private sector in the city-State, and both leaders shared an opposition to the idea of a pan-Ariddian reunification.

In 2121, she announced she would not stand for a fourth term in office. DCP candidate Eric Pétillon was elected as her successor, despite hopes on the right that Wu's departure might finally enable an FDP victory. Pétillon campaigned on the theme "Socialism, Justice, Prosperity", and had Wu's full support. He announced his intention to honour and continue her policies.

Wu's title of "Second Secretary" relates back to a time when a North-West Ariddian leader was, nominally, subordinate to the Prime Secretary of Ariddia. Those days are now past, but the title itself has remained.

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