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Nation Unified Capitalizt States
Noterelenda name Qátiva
Official languages English, Noterelenda
Capital Aeropag
Largest city Noka
Population (67 CE est.) 67 000 000
Establishment date unknown
Admission to Unified Capitalizt States
Date 18 May 0 CE
Order one of 8 founding states
Abbreviations JI, COM-JI

There is also a nation named Jativa.

Jativa is an administrative region of the Unified Capitalizt States, consisting of several of the Jativan Islands and Kaiwu Island.


The state was originally formed as Northern Jativa when the government of Jativa evacuated its people to the East Pacific. When the Baetican government moved offworld, Humai Island and Aeropag Island were added to Northern Jativa, while Forea Island was added to the Bedistani state of West Jativa. The state became known as the Western Terranordalian Islands when Kaiwu Island was claimed by Commerce Heights after the fall of Isla de Penguinata, recognizing that it extended beyond the borders of Jativa. After the fall of Omni Bee, Southeast Island was annexed by the Western Terranordalian Islands. When Commerce Heights moved to Atlantian Oceania, the name was deemed inappropriate, and the state became the Atlantian Jativan Islands, though Kaiwu Island was still included. In 101 CE, West Jativa was added to the state, and it was renamed for a fourth time to Jativa.

Major cities

Official Languages

Jativa originally had two official languages, English, then the national language of Commerce Heights, and Jativan, which was frequently used at the time. Noterelenda became the state’s third official language due to an influx of Bedistani immigrants after the nation’s conquest by Tingitana. In 63 CE, Jativan was removed as an official language due to its extremely rare usage.

Unified Capitalizt States
States: Ακήλα (Akḗla), Capital Territory, Chorion, Jativa, Lontorika, New Anaphase, New Manhattan, 소코지토 (Sokojito), Tarraconesis
Major cities: Aeropag, Commerce Heights, Χρυσάεστος (Khrusáestos), 소코지토 도시 (Sokojito Dosi)
Geography: Evestigatus, Jativan Islands, Kaiwu Island, Lontorica, Paleoparipia, Paripana, Sirius D, Sonoma Island, Syoko Island
Languages: English, German, Greek, Noterelenda, Syokaji
Organizations: Aeropag Tribune, Capitalizt Defense Alliance, Capitalizt SLANI, 자본가는 스포츠 연맹을 (Jabonganīn Sīpoçī ʼYūnmāŋʼīl)
Miscellaneous: Capitalizt Era, CEOs, Cities, Commerce Heights Era, Lower Manhattan, Prime Ministers, Terranordalis Era