Jeff Tripp

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Competition Medal Record
Bronze Tyrellia Men's 4x200m Freestyle

Jeff Tripp is a Starblaydi swimmer. His speciality stroke is the Freestyle, for which he was sent by the Starblaydi Athletic Association to the Tyrellian Ylompic Games in Casari to compete.

He was perhaps the least-strongest of the swimmers Starblaydia sent to the Ylompic Games, qualifying through the national championships as a wildcard. He was only entered in the 4x200m Freestyle relay, along with Roger Guerin, Phillip Thrift and Andy Goodwin. Starblaydia, however, proved their strength in depth by taking their third relay medal. Though it didn't quite match up to the gold of the 4x100m Freestyle and Medley relays, a bronze medal was still considered an excellent acheivement.