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Jeruselem has played in every World Cup from 11 to 37. The team has developed from a bunch of chokers in it's early years to a big repuation team at it's current stage.

  • The early years - World Cup 11 to 16

A hopeless team which could almost qualify for the finals but never make it. At best finishing 4th, and sometimes last. It was the dark ages of Jeruselem football where it seemed we would never be a good team. The team was all male and coverage of the cup was limited to a few reports on JGN.

  • The sunshine years - World Cup 17 to 25

When Jeruselem finally qualified in World Cup 17 for the finals, things looked up but for a while Jeruselem had a new challenge. They were never able to break out of the group stages into the 2nd round. The all-male team policy was replaced by a mixed-team policy towards the end of these years with Women's World Cup players coming in. Anna Goldstein made a name for herself as the first official World Cup reporter dedicated to the sport of football. Only one failure to qualify, which was World Cup 21. Still, it was a dull period like the early years.

  • The rising years - World Cup 26 to 29

World Cup 26 was the time when Jeruselem broke into the 2nd round but was unable to get past that stage. At this point, a woman called Debbie Dallas became the first female captain of the team and her sister Dazza Dallas turned up. A string of 2nd round appearances without a win. The press got interested and the Jeruselem Government Sports News was created in this period. At this time, Rachel Kool replaced her mother as the darling of Jeruselem football but she was soon be to replaced by a new force in football - The Dallas Clan.

  • The Dallas years - World Cup 30 to 36

A period dominated by the presence of the Dallas family. In this period - one finals appearance in World Cup 32 and two quarter finals in 30 and 35. Dazza Dallas coached three teams in row, a record but the World Cup 32 finals team was coached by her father John Jerk who coached two cups. The Jeruselem Government Sports News became The Football Life and changed in nature. In this period, sex and football became linked due to some girl called Dazza Dallas who was prone to all sorts of scandals. Debbie Dallas coached one cup.

  • Post-Dallas era - World Cup 37

To be completed

Public information

  • Team nickname (official): Crusaders
  • Team nickname (derogatory): Bikes
  • Name of people (official): Jeruselemites
  • Name of people (short): Jerus
  • Adjective (official): Jeruselemite
  • Adjective (short): Jeru

Current campaign for World Cup 37

  • Coach: Kate Bush (WC34 Jeruselem assisant coach, WC36 Jeru FC coach)
  • Assistant coach: Sark Kozy (WC 35 and WC36 Jeruselem assistant coach)
  • Captain: Kate Dallas (WC36 player)

Results of all World Cups up to now


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