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The Allied Empire of Jey or Jey (two recognized pronunciations: "'hA" or the more commonly used "'jA") (Latin: Jevian Socius Empire; Jevian: Et Ievian Empiritus Socioloso) is a vast landmass in the United Nations region in NationStates, comprising an "M" shaped continental area and 22 major islands. A technologically and educationally advanced Empire named after the state in the Domz Empire in which it was founded, Jey maintains control over 75 states, 3 territories, while incorporating the major regions of Aidel, Domz, Freta, and Zyzz, and the minor regions of Gahar, Kaivo, Orr, Portez, Roque, and Tope, all of which have official Jevian States named after the regions.

Map of Jey
Map (Large Version)

Jevians are widely known for their great patronage of the arts, music, and sports, as well as their advanced educational system and political knowledge. Through an Empirical Democratic system of government created by Drew Domz, Jey maintains an economic stalemate between Capitalism and Socialism by combining their various benefits into a new system called Jevianism, and supports libertarian views on human rights issues. The citizens of Jey, thus, enjoy vast political and civil freedoms in a booming economy, with no citizens currently registered to be under the official line of poverty. In the words of the current Deputy Emperor, Hal O'Brien, during an address to Jevian citizens: "It appears as though Emperor Domz has found a way around nearly every obstacle imaginable to highten the quality of life for every Jevian citizen".

Though life inside Jevian borders are considered by some to be a near-Utopian soceity, most agree that Jevian foreign policy is its downfall. Operating under Romanesque foreign affairs, Jey is greatly imperialistic. Most of the expansions made by the Jevian Commanding Forces are done through brute force without consent of the governments of the lands conquered nor its people. Rarely is a war fought with prior influences having started it. As most of the neighboring countries are imperialistic themselves, constantly attacking Jevian borders, little can be done in these lands to protect claims without imperialism. As Jey has created a viable army in order to defend its claims, few expiditions have been carried out in the past years, and numerous peace treaties attempt to solidify the current border claims.

Overall, Jey is a large nation that is well under control, from crime to politics to economics. Welcoming in nearly any eligable immigrant wishing to embrace the country, Jey continues to grow financially, socially, intellectually, politically, and militarily.

The following page describes many details about The Allied Empire of Jey.

The Jevian Flag and Coat of Arms
Motto "Ex Cruor Quod Bellum Iunctum" (Latin)
"From Blood And War -- Unity"
Official Language(s) Jevian, English, Latin
Region United Nations
Population 5,000,000,000+
Founded 14 May 4105 (Jevian Years)
Capital Domz City
Ten Largest Cities Domz City (121,609,500)
Calix City (55,232,100)
Das Pass (22,278,300)
Fier (18,755,400)
Grats (15,215,600)
Zyzz City (12,002,400)
Universitus (7,099,800)
Darlough (6,788,100)
Cias (6,554,900)
Tarsche City (6,221,700)

 - Emperor
 - Deputy Emperor
 - Controlling Party
Empirical Democracy

Drew Domz
Hal O'Brien
Jevian Empirical Party
 - Total
 - % water

22,523,011 km²
National Plant Jevian Rose
National Animal Jevian Goose
Currency Jeya
Anthem Iei Iunctii
ISO Nation Code JEY
Internet TLD .jey
Phone Code 539 (JEY)
Currency Code JEYA
Carplate Codes Jey - JEY
  Aidel - AJEY
  Domz - DJEY
  Freta - FJEY
  Zyzz - ZJEY
International Sports Code JEY
UN Status un_delegate.gif
Stats: NSEconomy Pipian XML


The history of Jey begins with the creation of the Domz Empire 3709. Headed by Drew Domz, this empire was comprised of 250 states, bound together by a strong agreement through the Treaty of Caxilan. For over 200 years, the Empire of Domz flourished under the political stability of Domz. The Empirical army readily conquered new lands all over the planet, and the economy was booming. However, the empire soon grew too large for one man's power. Very quickly, thoughts and rumors of various states declaraing independence angered the Emperor and his supporters. As a proud and soverign nation, Domz refused to allow itself to be weakened by a number of states seceding. The states grew angry and Emperor Domz issued the Writ of the Union--stating that no state was to secede from the Empire. Now outraged, the states declared war on the Emperor and his army, thus leading to the Domz War.

Expanded Information: Drew Domz
Expanded Information: Treaty of Caxilan

Domz War

Drew Domz retaliated to the states' agression, sending 2.5 million troops upon the offending areas in August, 4051. The states did not possess well trained troops and were severly outnumbered if they remained separate. As such, the 78 states now at war with Domz formed a new nation--The Grenevan Territories.

The Grenevan Territories quickly imposed drafts on their "citizens" to help support their claim for independence. This action single-handedly won the war, but not for the Territories, but rather Domz. Part of the Treaty of Caxilan stated that states were under no circumstances allowed to impose mandatory military submission upon their citizens. Now that the Territories had violated the most important document in the history of the Empire, support for the war quickly grew. Hundreds of thousands flocked to sign up to fight the enemy and the Emperial Army soon grew to 9.7 million soldiers who were fighting the 3.8 million Grenevan Soldiers.

After over 20 major battles, no army appeared to have the upper hand in the war. Then, in 4053, Domz located the rumored stronghold of the Grenevan soldiers--Le'Plusherre. This massive fort (which in fact was more like a city) housed over 1.75 million Grenevan soldiers. Upon sending 7.2 million soldiers to the location, all the Grenevan soldiers were killed along with 2.9 million Empirical Forces. Two days later, the Territories surrendered. In the end, over 5 million soldiers were lost in this bloody war.

Emperor Domz, the leaders of the states, and Ka'il Falshone--the monarch of The Grenevan Territories--met to discuss the post-war era of the Empire. It was in this "war" that Domz met his lowest point.

Virtually dishonoring Domz and the previous war, Falshone and the state leaders unanimously voted to break up the Empire to prevent another Domz War replica. Domz refused to sign the new Treaty of Qualo unless he was given some power in the 64 nations that would be granted independence as a result. They abliged. Falshone was given a 50-year sentence in a maximum security prison for reasons of treason, but he was parolled very early in the term. In 4075, Domz signed the Treaty of Qualo. In 4076 he was asked to become the president of the then Republic of Jey--one of the new 64 nations. He accepted.

Expanded Information: Domz War
Expanded Information: Treaty of Qualo

Jey's Early History

As the debates over the Treaty of Qualo cooled and the new 64 nations began solidifying their independance, The Grenevan Territories struck again, showing their true intention--assassinating Domz. A Grenevan Army Unit of 15,000 men marched accross the Jevian border in 4101 into Domz City, and into the capitol buidling. They marched into Domz's office and found nothing. Seconds earlier, he had been evacuated and was already in the air, 10 miles away. The survivors of the invasion of Domz City rushed out of the capitol building as artillery demolished it, killing all of the Grenevan soldiers. As news reached the Emperor of The Grenevan Territories, Ka'il Falshone, that the assassination was unsuccessful, he realized the great threat that arouse from not only Jey, but all other nations of the former Empire. Jey allied with 60 nations of the former Empire and threw an all-out assault on The Grenevan Territories in 4102. Within 2 weeks, the country fell. Less than 2 million men were lost in the War of Grenevan Succession, a small amount when compared to The Domz War. Jey immediately annexed most of the lands of Greneva, and called on its allies to join the union of the Allied Empire of Jey. Under the newest treaty, The Peace of Domz, 55 of the 60 allies agreed, and appointed a Parliamentary Bureaucracy system, still with Domz at the head. Each nation now became a state of the Allied Empire of Jey, and its leader became a member of the Jevian Executives (JE), who ratified declarations on issues, pending approval from Domz. The former Empire of Domz, in 4105 was then consisted of 9 nations--an extremely large Allied Empire of Jey, and 8 other nations that refused to re-join the Union. As of 4150, the Peace of Domz is still in effect and still working. 3 of the nations that refused to re-join the Union have already become part of the Allied Empire, and all other nations have hinted that they may do the same.

Expanded Information: The Grenevan Territories
Expanded Information: The Peace of Domz

Jey Today

Jey's current conditions are extremely promising. Through Jey's major exports of Arms Manufacturing, other military utilities, and Automobile Manufacturing, the economy is booming. The unemployment and crime rates are relatively low, and the citizens enjoy massive political freedoms and human rights from Emperor Domz. For more information on our major exporting companies and governmental policies and administrations, see below.

Recent National Updates

  • January 12th, 4155 On this day, the Republic of Zyzz officially ceded their territory to the Allied Empire of Jey. In exchange for this, Jey sent to the now Jevian State of Zyzz military protection and a considerable sum of money.
  • March 1st, 4155 The deal involving Jey and Zyzz is complete. The government of the Jevian State of Zyzz is officially and completely dissolved, and the Jevian Government has assumed full control.
  • March 10th, 4155 The Allied Empire of Jey welcomes 10 new states into their borders -- Aidel, Freta, Gahar, Kaivo, Orr, Portez, Roque, Sene, Tope, and Yamur. This brings the total number of states to 75 and makes Jey larger in area than the former Empire of Domz. These states will remain without representation from the HOJR and the JE until the next national election for each respective governmental group. With the inclusion of these states, Jey's goal to incorporate all the lands of Domz into one Empire again is now complete. To commemorate this event, a new Jevian holiday has been added to the calendar under March 10th -- Unification Day.
  • August 9th, 4158 The Allied Empire of Jey has acquired the nation of Crescent Islet through the form of a protectorate. No indication has been revealed if Crescent Islet desires to join the Allied Empire, though numerous suspicions have been made.


Jey is located north of the Domzian Ocean, neighboring the countries Normeth, Cryz, Fradournia, Kinquay, and Croueaux. Incorporating a large landmass, Jey contains various climates--from tundras to tropics--and geographic phenomena. Unlike most countries, the extremes of yearly weather in Jey is experienced in August and December, rather than July and January, because of its location. Below are the climographs of Jey's top 6 cities, with their August and December temperatures listed.


Domz City, Jey
Domz Region
August High: 44.2°C
August Low: 31.0°C
December High: 33.5°C
December Low: 10.8°C
Precipitation: 770mm
Calix City, Jey
Domz Region
August High: 47.6°C
August Low: 33.4.0°C
December High: 40.0°C
December Low: 13.8°C
Precipitation: 780mm
Das Pass, Jey
Aidel Region
August High: 55.2°C
August Low: 51.2°C
December High: 44.5°C
December Low: 21.8°C
Precipitation: 440mm
Fier, Jey
Freta Region
August High: 49.2°C
August Low: 35.9°C
December High: 36.5°C
December Low: 22.8°C
Precipitation: 880mm
Grats, Jey
Freta Region
August High: 57.2°C
August Low: 33.2°C
December High: 34.9°C
December Low: 27.8°C
Precipitation: 990mm
Zyzz City, Jey
Zyzz Region
August High: 50.2°C
August Low: 19.4°C
December High: 31.6°C
December Low: 20.1°C
Precipitation: 590mm


Each major region of Jey varies greatly in its geographic makeup and climate.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">zermatt_1.jpg
The peak of Mount Philosiphus, in the
Aidelan Mountain range in the Aidel Region

Carved from the territory formerly occupied under The Grenevan Territories, the region of Aidel is comprised mostly of the state Aidel, hence the name. Aidel geographically contains mostly barren plains and desert climate zones, but borders two important geographic features: Lake Piltrouh and Domzian Mountain Areas, which includes the Aidelan Mountain Range (whose largest peak, Mount Philosiphus, is depicted). The land near Lake Piltrouh is generally temperate and contains plenty of forests, while the Aidelan Mountain range is snow-covered at near-tundra temperatures year round. Bordering Lake Piltrouh is Aidel's most prominant port city, Hul, and at the base of the Aidelan Mountain Range is the Das Pass, the third largest city in Jey, with over 22 million residents.


The Domz Region, some of the first lands to join the Allied Empire and the political center of the nation, is highly forested and mostly temperate to hot temperatures. Situated just north of the Domzian Ocean, the Domz Region extends from Lake Garand to the end of the sourthern Jevian border. Containing no hills that register to the topography scale on the map, the Domz region is mostly green flatlands. Domz contains the most of the major cities in Jey of any major region, including the capital Domz City, with over 121 million residents, Calix City, with over 55 million, Universitus, and Cias.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">sunsetcays03resized1hi.jpg
A sunset in a small fishing village near the city of Grats, in a tropical area of the Fretan Region

The Fretan Region, whose lands were some of the last to join the Allied Empire, is scarsely populated outside of its major cities of Fier and Grats, the fourth and fifth largest cities in Jey, respectively. An extremely hot climatic area, Fretan is home to 80% of Jey's desert areas and 100% of its tropical zones--the area around Grats and the surrounding islands. Miles and miles of sand fill the land that is not bordered near the ocean on the Fretan Peninsula, with the long Fretan Mountain range, never snow-covered, parallels the beaches on both sides. Only two fresh water sources exist in the Fretan Region, Lakes Jiloki and Deermon.


The region of Zyzz, formerly known as the Republic of Zyzz, which was an autonomous Domzian area, is comprised totally of two of Jey's largest states: Kaivo and Zyzz, which is the largest state of them all. The geography of the region varies greatly--from barren, temperate, plains to frigid snow covered mountains. The Zyzzian Mountain Range is the longest mountain in the Allied Empire, and the region is host to the Tarsche Lake and Kaivan Lake, the largest and deepest fresh water source in Jey. Zyzz City, with over 12 million people, is the largest city in the region and the 6th largest in Jey, while Tarsche City, with over 6 million, is the only other major city, at number 10 in population.


At a current population of over 5 billion inhabitants according to the last census, Jey conains a wide variety of cultures, traditions, and customs among its people.

Heritage & Races

Upon founding the Allied Empire, all of the population were considered Native Jevian. Now that Jey has instituted relaxed immigration policies, the ethnical diversity of the nation is vastly expanding. Though Native Jevians still make up over 68% of the population according to the latest figures, thousands of people from every race or culture imaginable are seen applying for immigration daily. 20% of the population are considered Domzian-Jevian, meaning they resided somewhere in or near the former Domz Empire, yet not within the inital borders of the Allied Empire. The final 12% of citizens are considered "Various Ethnicities" for the extreme differences in this group. No single race or heritage in the "Various Ethnicities" comprise over .5% of the total population.


Jey's diverse population has helped create a nation with a distinct and creative culture.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">beefresized2fg9.jpg
Traditional Jevian sliced beef awaiting cooking,
from the lower Zyzzian region.
Jevian Cuisine

Jevian cooking varies greatly from major region to major region. In the temperate forests of Domz, Jevians have developed an appreciation for high class native foods and especially for the quality of Jevian asado, sushi, and various native-Domzian vegetables. Present also in the Domz region is a large vegan and vegetarian population. In the mountainous Aidel region, foods typically consist of a variety of agricultural products produced locally. The Fretan region's food industry is extremely dependent on fishing, which accounts for much of the diet of those living in more rural areas. The Zyzzian region's famous cuisine includes runzas, beefs, and various alcoholic beverages.

Jevian Languages

Three languages are recognized by the Jevian government as official languages: Jevian, English, and Latin. All three languages are taught to students in all levels of education, though most schools use English in their other classes. Jevian is usually seen in common talk and other common, everyday, forms of communication. English is primarily used in written declarations and communication from the government and public forms of communication, such as newsprint. Latin is rarely seen. The only ritual use of Latin is through official declarations and speeches from the Emperor.

Expanded Information: Jevian


The following are the nationally recognized Holidays in Jey:

Date Name Description
1 January New Year's Day Beginning of the Jevian Year
5 March Empirical Day The day the Empire of Domz was created
10 March Unification Day The day Jey unified the Former Domz Empire into one Allied Empire
14 May Jey Day The day the Allied Empire of Jey was founded
4 June Leisure Day A day of leisure and relaxation
27 August Domz Day A nation-wide celebration of the birth of Domz
24 October Remembrance Day A remembrance of the first day of the Domz War, and to those who served
15 November Election Day Every 3 and 5 years, new governmental positions decided on by vote on this day
31 December New Year's Eve The last day of the Jevian Year


Jey maintains the most rigorous and trying educational system possible. A substantial amount of governmental spending is used to ensure the education of our youth. All education, with the exception of Universitus Education, is free of charge. However, boarding students must pay for rent.

Elementary Education (Primary Education)

When children of Jey arrive at the age of 5 years, they are enrolled in a local School for Elementary Education. These schools provide children with the basics for Mathematics, Writing, Language and Grammar abilities, Philosophy, History, and the Sciences. Children of 13 years who receive a mimimum grade of 95% on the standardized "EEG" (Elementary Education Graduate) Test are permitted to advance to the next level of Jevian education. Those not receiving such a grade are required to spend a minimum of 12 extra months in Elementary Education every time they fail to acquire the standardized percentile.

Higher Education (Secondary Education)

Normally at the age of 13, children advance to the level of Higher Learning. Children are enrolled in one of 5,532 schools certified to provide High Education in Jey. Most of these children, because very few certified Higher Learning schools exist, board at their respective schools. Only certified professors or doctorates are permitted to teach at any of the Higher Educations Institutions, where children learn and practice near college-level topics on Earth History, Anatomy, Philosophies, Advanced Sciences, Advanced Writing, Calculus and other Advanced Matematics, Musical Abilities, and the Fine Arts. Children of the age of 18 are required to take the "JAT" (Jevian Aptitude Test). Those scoring a 97% are provided the ability to move on to the next level of learning. Those not receiving 97%, again, are required to remain behind at least 12 months after each failing. After 3 failings, students are no longer allowed into a Jevian Education Institution. It is a requirement of all Jevian citizens to complete Higher Education (not necessarily receive 97% nor retry the test three times) in order to no longer be considered a minor in profession consideration.

Graduate Education (Tertiary Education)

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">usmallqn6.jpg
The Universitus shield

At the average age of 18, students move to Graduate education. Only 401 schools in Jey have received certificates to provide Graduate Education. Only adults who have received "Expert"-Level Degrees in their respective fields are permitted to provide Graduate Education. Students are required to learn Advanced Placement courses of Mathematics, the Sciences, Philosophy, Writing, and a Fine Arts or Musical course. Students must also select a major course selection from a wide variety of fields. At the age of 25, students who have a cumulative grade average of 97% are asked to take the "UT" (Universitus Test). Students scoring a perfect score (100.0%) are given the ability to advance to an even higher education. Those not receiving a perfect score are not permitted to take the UT again. Students may also qualify for a secondary branch of Universitus, Tildes Skills School (TSS; Formerly known as Dukes Skills Center (DSC)), through a very selective scholarship program available to the most qualified students in Athletic, Musical, and Artistic abilities. Only 300 scolarships are issued nation-wide for acceptance in the TSS each year for all three categories combined. Learn more about the Tildes Skills School in Music, Sports, and Fine Arts.

Universitus Education (Quaternary Education)

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">goldbuilding1li.jpg
The Maude Building of Quantum Physics, in the North West Wing of Universitus

Only the most advanced students are permitted to Universitus--a massive university in the State of Domz whose area is larger then 3 of Jey's top 10 cities. Students spend anywhere from 5-25 years at Universitus learning the highest and most advanced topics known of a certain student's major course. 99.8% of permitted student at Universitus live there indefinately. Students are also required to be taught the higest levels of Matematics, the Sciences, and Writing. At Universitus, students study side-by-side with the most knowledgable professors in the country, and, many times, submit new discoveries to their field's community. Also at Universitus, students earn their degrees for their specific learning fields. Universitus has provided the most genius of Jevian minds. Students graduate from Universitus anywhere from the age of 30-50.

Expanded Information: Universitus

Music, Sports, and Fine Arts

Just as in Education, Jey maintains the highest standards for Music, Sports, and Fine Arts.

Youth Participation

Students in all levels of Education, up to Gradutate Education, must participate in one of these practices at an above-satisfactory level to be able to advance to the next level. After graduating from GE, a student's requirement in either Music, Sports, or Fine Arts, is over.

Tildes Skills School at Universitus

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">tsmallerfj7.jpg

Students who excell above all others in these fields are given the ability to come to Universitus without needing the normal scholastic requirements of those students attending Universitus for educational reasons. 300 students are selected yearly, nation-wide, for enrollment at TSS, though they must maintain at least a 95% cumulative average in Graduate Education. Students of the TSS are taught by the greatest artists, musicians, and atheletes in Jey, and most arrive there in the hopes of becoming a member of the very selective professions associated with Music, Sports, and the Fine Arts. The students undergo the most rigorous training procedures for the betterment of their abilities. It is this methodology that has produced the greatest Artists, Musicians, and Athletes in Jey.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">tennisstadium5oe.jpg
The Dellon Arena, in the southern part of TSS at Universitus. It is used once a year-for the Universitus Tennis Championship Match

The best of the best in these fields may receive an offer from a number of governmentally-recognized Jevian organizations. These organizations are extremely selective and very few citizens are accepted into an official Artistic, Athletic, or Muscial professional organization. All is not lost for those who fail to achieve this status, however. Numerous independent organizations exist to provide those the ability to have a job in these fields.

The organizations recognized by Jey are split into three categories: Jevian Athletic Association, Jevian Artistic Soceity, and the Jevian Music Organization.

Jevian Athletic Association

Jey competes internationally with a number of countries in a number of sports. The teams used for this international play are members of the Jevian Athletic Association (JAA). Though the international play is the most popular, Jey also has national leagues in all of the groups below as well. Organizations in the JAA include, but are not limited to the:

  • Jevian Baseball League (Repeated Champion in International Play)
  • Jevian Basketball Association (2nd Runner-Up in International Play)
  • Jevian Football Association (Champion in International Play)
  • Jevian Hockey (1st Runner-Up in International Play)
  • Jevian Soccer (2nd Runner-Up in International Play)
  • Jevian Golf League
  • Jevian Tennis Alliance (10-Time Champion in International Play)
  • Jevian Track and Field (1st Runner-Up in International Play)
  • Jevian Water Athletics (Overall Champion in International Play)
  • Jevian Winter Athletics (Overall 1st Runner-Up in International Play)
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">jas30xy.gif
The Jevian Soceity of the Arts logo.
Jevian Soceity of the Arts

Jey is commonly seen as a great patron of the arts. Over 200 billion jey give me moneys are transferred each Jevian Year in arts trading. Popular artistic genres include Renaissance painting, 3-D design, and abstract art. The Jevian Soceity of the Arts (JSA) is constantly ridiculed by outside artists, however, because of the methods of acceptance. The JSA requires an examination of talent before acceptance, seen by artists to be an affront to artistic integrity. Many say that the talent of artists cannot be measured by any one person, and thus, the means of acceptance is immoral. The JSA admission committee is comprised of the 15 most talented artists in Jey, who judge the talent of artists on a number of levels, with an extensive knowledge of every artistic genre currently practiced. Currently, roughly 2,050 citizens are members of the JSA, who are required to produce at least one completed and accepted work of art yearly, to retain membership in the Soceity. No official list of sub-organizations is available.

Jevian Music Organization

A much larger organization than the JSA, the Jevian Music Organization consists of over 8,000 citizens in Jey. For the past 40 years, Musicians have dominated the 300 DSC Scholarships, resulting in the large amount of current members. Musical talent is greatly receptive with regard to specific abilities, as citizens of various talents are accepted -- from pianists to harmonious screamers. Citizens are granted entrance into the JMO through a number of auditions in front of the most intelligent musical talent analysts in Jey, and are required to produce some type of musical production (be it a long or short; individually or grouped) every 2 years to retain membership in the organization. The JMO sponsors numerous solo artists and professional and endorsed groups such as Male / Female Chorus and the Jevian Orchestra.


As the government of Jey currently endorses no religions, and taxes them the same as other companies, churches have a difficult time in amassing followers. The Church of Jey, the unofficial religion of the country, is largely morally derived from Jevian Mythology, which helped define many of the religion's core pillars. The current breakdown of religion in Jey is:

Religion Percentage
Atheism 51.3%
Church of Jey 30.1%
Agnosticism 13.4%
Buddhism 3.2%
Catholic 1.0%
Jewish 0.4%
Secularism 0.3%
Humanism 0.2%
Other 0.1%
Expanded Information: Church of Jey
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">odirisdragonresized7uo.jpg
Artist's rendition of the god of Zesa, known to be the most respected god of Jevian Mythology.

Jevian Mythology

The earliest recording of Jevian Mythology comes from about 900 (Jevian Years) in an ancient settlement near present-day Calix City. The core philosophical ideals of the religious structure are astoundingly modern for such an ancient culture, advocating complete human equality in political and economic freedom, and numerous laws for respecting the personal soverignty of others. Their understanding of nature stemmed from their belief in 7 understanding, compassionate, and fair gods, the most mighty of which was Zesa, the god of the land, who they seem to have spent a remarkably large amount of time worshipping and building constructions for. There is a small amount of native Jevians that maintain the validity of these gods, however most maintain only the importance of their philosophical idealogies, which have seeped into a number of modern practices in modern Jey.

Expanded Information: Jevian Mythology


When taking into account the extensive freedoms Jevian citizens enjoy today, the Jevian system of Justice may seen too relaxed to some. The death penalty is abolished in all forms and for all crimes except in Empricide--the assassination of the Emperor. A person found guilty of Empricide is subject to some of the most cruel treatment imaginable. A listing of some of the crimes and punishments in Jevian Justice is listed here:

  • Empricide - Intensified Capital Punishment (Similar to Roman Parricide)
  • Murder (1st Degree) - Minimum 50 years, Maximum life imprisonment
  • Murder (2nd Degree) - Minimum 25 years, Maximum 50 years
  • Manslaughter - Minimum 15 years, Maximum 30 years
  • Attempted Murder - Minimum 20 years, Maximum 50 years
  • Rape - Minimum 15 years, Maximum 25 years
  • Significant Theft - Minimum 3 years, Maximum 10 years
  • Assault - Minimum 6 months, Maximum 3 years
  • Attack Under Influences - Minimum 3 months, Maximum 3 years
Expanded Information: Jevian Justice


The Jevian economy is comprised of a very unique and successful system combining the advantageous portions of Capitalism and Socialism. Though Capitalism has the majority support of the representatives of the Jevian Government, Domz has instituted full-blown welfare programs, making poverty unheard of, and virtually eliminating the lower classes. To keep the Allied Empire from becoming a Socialistic Utopia without any nobles or rich citizens, the representatives created a policy in which those people involved in the welfare system in any way have their income tax, as well as other taxes, highly elevated. With a constant, steady, flow of money entering into the pockets of the previously poor citizens from the welfare system, and very little coming from anywhere else, trade and competition re-enter the marketplace. The previously poor citizens, with some spare money, may finally contribute to the fluctuation of the economy, thus creating the nationalistic economy that Jey has always strived for. Those citizens not involved in the welfare system benefit greatly from the enterance, and commonly the exploitation, of the previously poor citizens, who have little experience in the art of a deal. This surprisingly successful system combining the benefit of Socialism in eliminating poverty, and Capitalism in encouraging work and economic fluctuation, as well as low unemployment rates, is known as Jevianism. Just recently, Jey switched their official currency from the Jey give me money to the new Jeya.

Jey also benefits from International trade. Jey's major exports including Arms Manufacturing and Automobile Manufacturing bring in a massive trade surplus. Most of this is contributed through the Major Military Providers.

The major economic figures of Jey are listed here:

  • Exchange Rate: 1 Jeya = $1.5383
  • Income Tax: 100%
  • Gross Domestic Product: $35,516,625,038,115.37
  • GDP Per Capita: $25,774.04
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.96%
  • Consumption: $5,258,448,000,000.00
  • Government Budget: $30,875,141,758,500.00
  • Government Expenditures: $29,948,887,505,745.00
  • Goverment Waste: $926,254,252,755.00
  • Exports: $4,461,097,964,651.62
  • Imports: $4,151,808,432,281.25
  • Trade Surplus: 309,289,532,370.37
Expanded Information: Jevianism
Expanded Information: Jeya


The Government of Jey is comprised of 5 branches: Presidential, Executive, Legislative, Judicial, and International. Each branch is comprised of citizens of a certain political party.

Political Parties

To receive recognition from the Jevian Government, a political party must have at least one member in one of the following governmental organizations, and must have at least .1% of the total vote tally. Currently, 10 parties meet these requirements.

Party Leader(s) Information  % of Votes in latest Election (4158) Number of Seats in JE, HOJR
Jevian Emperical Party (JEP) Emperor, Dr., Sec., Ex., (Pres. UN) Rep., (Pres.) JA, CG, Drew Domz, MHJ., Esq.;

Dep. Emperor, Dr., Sec., Hal O'Brien;

Sec., Ex., Dr. Ty Orr;

Dr. Sec., (Dep. Pres. UN) Rep. Vance Aceon

This political party is led by Domz himself and other high ranking governmental officials. Members of the JEP are commonly seen as left-wing extremists and aimless followers of the Emperor. Primarily atheists and pro-life, the JEP have had the largest influence on the Allied Empire through the last few centuries through their passed legislations. Economic principles of the JEP are derived by their own system in between a capitalsitic and socialistic economy called Jevianism. Economic legislation usually consist of increased welfare systems and the furtherment of the complete elimination of poverty. Moral beliefs of the JEP reflect the current nature of the Allied Empire--extensive politcal and human freedoms through libertarian-like practices and a near nihilistic philosophy. Since most of Jey's JE and HOJR seats are controlled by the JEP, most of Domz's proposals are passed by the governmental process. These bills include the outlawing of abortion, the ability of gay marriage, the removal of any religious affiliation of the government, extreme separation of church and state, and numerous jevianistic economic legislations. 57.6% 46, 80
Jevian Liberal Socialists (JLS) (UN) Rep. Philo Caron Though the JLS is publicly anti-Emperical in its fundamental state, most political analysts maintain that a vote for the JLS is inevitably a vote for the JEP. This judgement is commonly seen on the Legislative decisions, as 90% of the bills passed with majority support of the JEP are also done so by the JLS. The Jevian Liberal Socialists are advocates of the fullest individual sovereignty to the extent of the law, and consider a socialistic economy to be the perfect way to handle commerce. Representative Philo Caron is a close friend of Domz, and came in 2nd in the Emperical Election. Upon serious political opposition, Domz was forced to remove Caron from the title of Deputy Emperor of the Allied Empire of Jey, in favor of a representative of the JEP, Hal O'Brien. 24.1% 15, 33
Jevian Republican Party (JRP) Rep. Valiro Gregon;

Gregori Valshaft, HJ.

Perhaps nearly direct opposites of the JEP, the JRP is considered by numerous other parties to be anti-Jey. Leader Valiro Gregon has publicly stated of the party's desire to return to the terms of pre-Peace of Domz--in that Jey would return to a Republic and the other states return to independence. Their political beliefs are derived from a deeply-woven love in their god, and their economic standpoints tend to be communistic. Though the JRP is the second most popular party, they are the one to have never passed any legislation through the JE. Elected officals of the JRP have steadily deciled since the turn of the year 4000, and the mark of 10.0% is the lowest vote count for the party in over 500 Jevian years. 10.0% 6, 22
Jevian Green Party (JGP) Ex. Anron Balix The Jevian Green Party is steadily gaining popularity for its peacful decentrilization stance, unlike that of some other radical groups. The JGP emphasizes a community-based economic policy and a strong system of Social Justice. Environmental safety, diversity, equality, humanitarianism, and non-violence are all part of their moral beliefs. Most of the proposals submitted by the Jevian Green Party involve initiatives to improve the environmental state of The Allied Empire of Jey, which is constantly under attack by members of the JGP. Executive Anron Balix recently became the first Executive to be elected from the JGP, followed by a steady increase in elected officials currently numbering 11 as of 4158. 4.2% 3, 8
Jevian Anarcho-Syndicalists (JAS) Rep. Thomand Qurat;

Ex. Davi Belsi

A very recent radical movement of The Allied Empire, the Jevian Anarcho-Syndicalists desire a revolutionary change in governments in which federations of labor unions would rise to power and the current government would, in essence, collapse. Operating under the political stance of "the less government--the better", the JAS walks along the lines of advocating Anarchy. The JAS rarely concerns itself with economic issues and their moral beliefs are left to questioning. The JAS has steadily gained popularity of former JRP voters, resulting in 4 officials of the JAS reaching office, including, most recently, their leader Thomand Qurat. 2.1% 2, 3
Jevian Independent Party (JIP) (UN) Rep. Warren Baytes

Ex. Effugo Talix

The Jevian Independent Party strongly concerns itself with a trust in their god and their beliefs in moral laws. The JIP desires a near-all-pervasive government with capitalistic economies and extensive national sovereignty. Endorsing "strong family beliefs" and a strong sense of nationalism, the JIP is known to "respect life", and acknowledge a citizens' right to life and property. The JIP now controls 2 seats in the House of Jevian Representatives, Rep. Warren Baytes and Rep. Alshon Futio, the only candidates officically endorsed by the JIP. 1.0% 1, 2
Jevian Collective Fascists (JCF) (UN) Rep. Agar Varrison The Jevian Collective Fascists are a relatively new political party consisting of mostly communistic authoritarians. Expressing deep faith in the interworks of the Allied Empire, the JCF desires completely state-run economies in a communistic, near-dictatorial state with the emperor at the head. With regard to social and civil issues, Collective Fascists advocate the importance of the empire, whose leaders they consider to have the ultimate ability to control the nation, over the considerations of individuals. No bills submitted by the JCF has approached majority. The JCF was officially recognized by the Jevian Government with the election of (UN) Representative Agar Varrison in the election of 4158. 0.4% 0, 3
Jevian Federalists (JF) (UN) Rep. Paldric Lyons Federalism in Jey is extremely common in Jevian Territorial Lands, hence the only elected official in the JF is a representative of a Jevian Territorial Land--not state. The JF desires a strong centrilized government with a capitalistic economy, as seen in the Allied Empire. Most consider a vote for the JF to be a vote for the JEP, but most high ranking members of the JF maintain that the JF stands to provide territories of Jey a political stance that, in essence, asks The Allied Empire if they may join the union. As such, the JF receives little to no votes from the States of the Allied Empire, as the federalism is already present. Most, if not all, of the proposals created by JF members are of their territories joining the union. 0.3% 0, 1
Jevian Imperial Expansionists (JIE) Ex. Yuolox Brifften The Jevian Imperial Expansionists consist of the most extreme right-wing activists of the day. Officially recognized by the Jevian Government with the election of Ex. Yuolox Brifften in 4155, the JIE desire a strong sense of Imperialism within the Allied Empire. The JIE wants the Allied Empire to expand its borders by any means necessary, even by compulsory military service, and has manned independent and endorsed militaristic marches on bordering countries in the hopes of acquiring them to expand Jey, though none have been successful. The JIE wants an economy completely controlled by the Allied Empire, with an enormous portion of it spent on the military budget, and their moral beliefs, other then a strong desire to expand, are completely unknown. 0.2% 1, 1
Jevian Neo-Liberalists (JNL) Ex. Bobby "Que" Cortes The Jevian Neo-Liberalists are seen today as a mockery of the government. Started by a group of angst-filled teenagers on an extrememly popular website, the JNL has become the "fad" of the day. Little is known of their political stand other then they want quick and extreme changes to the Empirical form of Government. At first ignored by many, the JNL was forced to receive recognition from the Jevian government when 18-year old Johnny "B" Baites was elected as the Executive of Ven. Numerous times Johnny has submitted bills to lower Domz's powers, but no bill of his has approached 10% support. Other then this, nothing is known of the political agenda of the JNL. 0.1% 1, 0

Presidential Branch

Drew Domz is Jey's first Emperor and the head of the Presidential branch of the government. In terms of power, the Presidential Branch is the ultimate authority, with the power to overrule decisions by the executive branch, and the ability to submit new proposals to the executive branch, without consent of the Legislature. The Presidential Branch is comprised of the Emperor, Deputy Emperor, and 13 Cabinet Members, all selected by the Emperor. Upon an Emperor's death, Jey hold's an Emperical Election, in which every vote-bearing citizen (those of the 16th year of age) is asked to cast a vote upon 5 candidates. After an Emperor is elected, he selects his Deputy, and his Cabinet Members, who serve until either the death of the emperor or their own death (whichever occurs first), and all of which are subject to approval of the Executives, thus making the Presidential Branch.

Executive and Legislative Branches

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">je2aj.jpg
The unofficial logo of the Jevian Executives representing 6 major areas of thier legislative work: knowledge & education, security, transportation, environment & wildlife, economy & welfare, and human rights.

The Executive and Legislative branches of the Jevian Government are largely intertwined and the citizens of each branch are elected by the citizens of Jey in each respective state or territory.

The Executive Branch of government is comprised of 75 Jevian Executives (JE), one for each official state, all of which are voted on by the people of the respective state. The JEs retain the power to ratify bills passed by the HOJR into law, treaties, Cabinet Members, and Deputy Emperors. The JEs serve a 5 year term.

The Legislative Branch of government is comprised of 153 citizens in the House of Jevian Representatives (HOJR), two for each official state, and one for each officially recognized Jevian Territorial Area. The HOJR retains the ability to pass bills to the JEs to potentially become law, and propose ammendments and repeals. Members of the HOJR serve a 3 year term, and are elected by the vote-bearing citizens of Jey.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the government is comprised by elected judges of the Jevian High Court (JHC). The 10-member court is elected by all the vote-bearing citizens of Jey, the Most Honorable Judge is elected by the fellow Judges, and all serve life-long terms. The JHC retains the ability to decide on the court issues of the highest importance, and set precendents on how future cases of the same issue may be handled.

International Branch

The International Branch of government does not concern itself with Jevian internal issues, but rather international affairs, hence the name. Most of the Branch is comprized of the 15 citizens of the Jevian UN Representatives (JUNR), who discuss UN proposals to be submitted by Jey, and decide which proposals to endorse and vote For/Against. Drew Domz is the head of the JUNR, which pass a Jevian Endorsement for a proposal by a majority vote (8/15) and decides on "At Vote" by a 2/3s vote (10/15). The other members of the JUNR are named from the HOJR after each HOJR election.

The International Branch has also taken very recent steps to open up international relationships with other nations outside of the United Nations. Currently Jey has opened up discussions for a number of free trade partnerships with any nations that are willing to enter into a free trade agreement. For more information, see International Relations. For information on the United Nations achievements of the International Branch, see United Nations Involvement.

The remaining portion of the International Branch is comprized of ambassadors, usually one ambassador is assigned to each nation of Jey's region. There is no official listing of all the Jevian Ambassadors (JAs).

Expanded Information: Government of Jey


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The Jevian Commanding Forces logo.

Major Providers

Presently, Jey maintains one of the largest Armed Divisions in the world, the Jevian Commanding Forces. Working behind the scenes is the company which exports the largest amount of professional firearms on the globe for our grand army -- Jevian Arms League.

Jevian Commanding Forces

Containing Invasion Forces, Defensive Forces, Special Operations Units, Air Forces, and Naval Forces, the JCF employs over 95% of Jey's official standing military units, whose top Generals report directly to Emperor Domz. For more information, visit the Jevian Commanding Forces page.

Jevian Arms League

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The Jevian Arms League logo.

The JCF receives their armed capabilities from the Jevian Arms League. Producing over 2 million handguns and light weaponry daily, the JAL is the world's leading arms manufacturing company. Providing not only the rifles for our troops, the JAL constructs all the materials used by the JCF--from airfields to vessels to intelligence buildings, as well as sending numerous other nations with miltary help through exports. The JAL's President is also under the authority of Emperor Domz.

Expanded Information: Military of Jey

International Relations

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The Jevian Red Cross logo, one of the most prominent International Organizations in Jey.

Jey, although retaining a high economical and social status within the world, has only recently opened up diplomatic relations outside of the Domzian Lands and outside of the realm of the United Nations. The Jevian Ambassadors have now contacted many nations with plans to open up international embassies within thier borders for furthered communication. Jey's notorious expansionistic imperialism led, in the past, to a sense of isolationism in the international realm, but the recent acquisition of the Jevian Protectorate Crescent Islet led to a new appreciation for diplomatic relations, and the realization of the economic benefits of international free trade agreements has only furthered this belief.

The Allied Empire has recently established a new free trade organization within its region and has now opened up discussions with any and all other nations to promote free international trade.

Jey's International Relations include:

United Nations Involvement

The Jevian United Nations Representatives (JUNR) has managed to get numerous pieces of legislation passed by the General Assembly of the United Nations, as well as achieving other accomplishments.


Passed Resolutions

Other Resolutions

UN Organizations and Other Initiatives

R&R Founder

UNOG Member

UNA Member (UNA-J)

ACCEL National Member; Undersecretary for Trade and National Sovereignty in the ACCEL UN Division.

NSO Member


GTT Member

Reclamation Member

UIC Member


Outside Member


20 (New Togos, Old School Germany, Dankism, Bautzen, _Myopia_, Recluse Pacificists, Tihland, Lady Ashe, Takycookiedough, Bajankajank, Ozztopia, Oliverea, Delta Malaysia, YC Yozu, UN Resolution Keeper, Amismaa, Denactia, Masguyland, John-John, Nykibo)

Expanded Information: Jey and the United Nations

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