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The Allied Empire of Jey has been highly involved in the NationStates United Nations for a long period of its history. Through its longstanding delegacy in the United Nations region, large number of legislation associated with the country, and its involvement in a significant amount of United Nations Organizations, Jey has achieved great notoriety in the United Nations.


Jey applied for membership into the United Nations in July of 2005 and was subsequently elected to the delegate position of the United Nations in August of 2005 and has retained the position until the present day all but one day. During its period as delegate, Jey became increasingly involved in the United Nations region, contributing to over a dozen UN Resolutions and founding and being involved in various UN organizations.

Jey's first resolution, Repeal "DVD Region Removal", was passed in October of 2005 with the help of two nations, Love and esterel and Richard 2008 in an attempt to replace the resolution with the Worldwide Media Act, which failed by 100 votes. Since then, Jey has remained extremely consistent with its preferred resolution category, with all but two of its passed resolutions (Artistic Freedom and UN Drug Act) being repeals. Jey's prominence in the repeal function led to its partnership with Dankism in founding the UN Organization Reveal and Repeal (R&R) in April 2006. Jey passed multiple repeals both before and after the founding of R&R, including Repeal "Scientific Freedom", Repeal "Keep The World Disease-Free!", Repeal "Free Education", Repeal "Protect Historical Sites", as well as many more co-authorships of repeals. Jey has been associated with more repeal legislation than nearly any other nation in the history of NationStates, and has thus come to be known as the "repeal-expert" of NationStates by some nations.

Outside legislation and repeals, Jey has had a large influence in UN organizations. Jey has joined various organizations including membership through invitation to the UN Old Guard, and membership in Alliance of Capitalists, Conservatives, and Economic Libertarians, National Sovereignty Organization, UN Defense Convention, United Nations Association, among many others.

The Jevian United Nations Representatives

Main Article: Jevian UN Representatives

Jey's influence in the United Nations has been through the work of the Jevian United Nations Representatives (JUNR), a 15-member group brought together through indirect election. When the House of Jevian Representatives (HOJR) are elected in a particular election, the 20 elected representatives who received the greatest percentage of votes from their state then list, in order of prominence, 25 potential JUNR members from all of the HOJR. The top 15 candidates are elected to the JUNR, the top candidate is the Presiding Jevian UN Representative, and the 2nd place candidate is the Deputy Presiding Jevian UN Representative. Historically these citizens have been Emperor Drew Domz and Vance Aceon, respectively.

The JUNR casts Jey's vote on UN resolutions, casts approvals for various proposals, approves membership in UN organizations, and contains the principle authors for Jey's various UN resolutions. Upon election, each JUNR member is provided with a specific duty.


Title Name Duty
Presiding UN Representative Drew Domz Vote Casting, Presidential Duties
Deputy Presiding UN Representative Vance Aceon Ambassador to the General Assembly, Vice Presidential Duties
UN Representative Paldric Lyons Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Philo Caron Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Duston McCouvers Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Nien DiCalez Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Zaca Frueva Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Nexol Foron Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Warren Baytes Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Nena Deil Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Foce Fetche Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Homa Sale Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Conici Voros Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Mla Alaeo Not Yet Designated
UN Representative Menda Mensa Not Yet Designated

Voting Statistics

Since Jey's inception into the UN, during the debate of National System of Tax, it has voted on each resolution at vote.

Repeal "Elimination of Bio Weapons" National Systems of Tax
Nuclear Armaments Protection of Dolphins Act
United Nations Security Act Ban Chemical Weapons
Civilian Rights Post War UN Biological Weapons Ban
Repeal "National Systems of Tax" The Transgender Equality Act
Establish UNWCC Adoption and IVF Rights
Freedom of Conscience Promotion of Solar Panels
Mitigation of Large Reservoirs Labeling Standards
The Microcredit Bazaar Fossil Fuel Reduction Act
Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act" Worldwide Media Act
The Sex Education Act Forced Banishment Ban
UNCoESB Remittances and Tiny Deposits
Repeal "Ban Chemical Weapons" The Right to Form Unions
Repeal "Promotion of Solar Panels" Right to Divorce
Repeal "DVD Region Removal" (A) Nuclear Non-Proliferation Act
Diplomatic Immunity Auto Free Trade Agreement
Representation in Taxation Nuclear Energy Research Act
Repeal "Protection of Dolphins Act" UN Recycling Commission
Repeal "Fossil Fuel Reduction Act" Patients Rights Act
Global Food Distribution Act UN Security Act 1
IT Education Act Repeal "Legalise Euthanasia"
UN Small Business Education RFID in new Weapons
Repeal "UCPL" Repeal "Ban Single-Hulled Tankers"
Rights of Neutral States
Rights of Biological Sapients
Repeal "Right to Divorce"
Repeal "Save the forests of the World"
Artistic Freedom (A)
Civilian Casualty Records
Repeal "The Law of the Sea"
Repeal "Stop dumping - Start Cleaning"
Repeal "The Rights of Labor Unions"
Repeal "Gay Rights"
Anti-Terrorism Act
Repeal "Abortion Rights"
Workplace Safety Act
Recreational Drug Legalization (A)
Abortion Legality Convention
Meteorological Cooperation
UN Demining Survey
Maritime Safety Standards Act
Repeal "Scientific Freedom" (A)
Repeal "Hydrogen Powered Vehicles"
Repeal "Banning the Use of Landmines"
Waste Disposal Covenant
UN Patent Law
Repeal "Citizen Rule Required" (Co)
Repeal "Stop privacy intrusion"
Rights of the Disabled
Repeal "Replanting Trees" (Co)


(A): Authored Resolution
(Co): Co-Authored Resolution
(S): Submitted Resolution

Passed Resolutions


Repeal "DVD Region Removal"

Artistic Freedom

Repeal "Scientific Freedom"

Repeal "Keep The World Disease-Free!"

UN Drug Act

Repeal "Free Education"

Repeal "Protect Historical Sites"


Repeal "Mandatory Recycling"

Repeal "Citizen Rule Required"

Repeal "Replanting Trees"


Freedom of Scientific Research

Additional Materials

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Main Article: Jey and the United Nations
Authored Resolutions: Repeal "DVD Region Removal", Artistic Freedom, Repeal "Scientific Freedom", Repeal "Keep The World Disease-Free!", UN Drug Act, Repeal "Free Education", Repeal "Protect Historical Sites"
Co-Authored Resolutions: Repeal "Mandatory Recycling", Repeal "Citizen Rule Required", Repeal "Replanting Trees"
Submitted Resolutions: Freedom of Scientific Research
Other Proposals: Recreational Drug Legalization
Jevian UN Representatives: Drew Domz (Presiding), Vance Aceon (Deputy Presiding), Paldric Lyons, Philo Caron, Duston McCouvers, Nien DiCalez, Zaca Frueva, Nexol Foron, Warren Baytes, Nena Deil, Foce Fetche, Homa Sale, Conici Voros, Mla Alaeo, Menda Mensa
UN Organizations: R&R (Founder), UNRFTA (Founder), UNOG, UNA, ACCEL, NSO, UN DEFCON, GTT, Reclamation, UIC, FAIRTRADE, Outside