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City: Jhanna
City Function:Capital City
Leader:Tiberius Starblayde
Football Teams:Iskara Daii, Jhanna City, Jhanna United
Ice Hockey Team:Jhanna Combatants

The City

The Capital city of Starblaydia, Jhanna lies in towards the south-west of the country in the Jhan region, in the middle of a large valley. Named after the Jhan peoples who inhabited the area in ancient times, the city of Jhanna is the largest in Starblaydia.

Home to three different football teams, all with their own stadia, - Jhanna City, Jhanna United and Iskara Daii - Jhanna is the beating heart of Starblaydia in politics and culture, with shining towers of glass and steel reaching high up into the sky.

Jhanna was declared by the Pacitalian Transeconomic Studies Agency - a non-governmental and politically neutral organisation - to be one of only six 'Major Hub' cities in Atlantian Oceania:

"...considered to be of enormous international importance because of their highly developed and focused transportation and economic systems, high levels of political and cultural activity and accessible location..."