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Jitorqoism is a polytheistic relgion. It is most heavily followed in the nation of Ixland. There are 4 gods that are worshipped in this religion, Bachnis, Vavlij, Jach, and Puqlod. Ancestrial spirits, known as Vitoquv, are also worshipped.


There are one book that is considered to be holy in this religion, the Janghi. The Janghi is divided into to two slots, each slot has 5 chapters, and within every chapter is 20 pages, each page has a certain number of installments, or paragraphs. Labelling goes as followed 1-3:15-1. That means Slot 1, Chapter 3, Page 15, Installment 1. There is a total of two-hundred pages.

The Deities

Bachnis, Vavlij, Jach, and Puqlod are the deities of the religion. The deities are worshipped daily but in different ways. Some Ghaytanas (churches) worship certain gods.


Bachnis is Goddess Of Life. The Janghi tells us that, in the beginning, she was all there was and formed Vavlij, Jach, and Puqlod to rule the planet he was about to make. She created the Earth, and made Vavlij, God of Wisdom to make the stars and other heavenly bodies. She made Jach, God Of Destruction, create the sun, and other evil things. She made Puqlod, Goddess of Emotion, make people after her image. Puqlod made 2 men, one was black, and one was white, and made 2 women, one was black, and the other white. She named the two men, Hu and Qeng, and named the women Mughato and Boqha. They soon multiplied. Bachnis also watches over Nadavo, or the second realm. It is said in the Janghi that people will either go to Nadavo, Nitehba, Ngij, the 4th Realm. The Janghi explains what all these realms are like in 2-5:20-(1-5) {That's Slot 2, Ch. 5, Pg. 20, Installments 1 through 5.

"And I saiuth, thy Nadavo is Relm of heroes and kind souls, or artisans, and all that do good, in the nam of Bachnis, Goddess Of Life, Nadavo is a land where there is no pain, and the water is sweet, and celebration sweeps the land all day, everyday, eternally. Thy who do not have wisdom ny knowledge of Goddess of Life, descend to Nitehba, where Vavlij, The Wisdom Goddess, stands with her mighty triton, she controls the souls and makes them eat rotten meat, and work all day, and learn of Bachnis, until they learn to worship Bachnis, then they come to Nadavo, the sanctuary. Finale, there is Ngij, where Jach, plays with the souls of the dead who despise Bachnis, he burns them of grills, and eats there burning flesh, he revives them and drowns them, and tortures them in indescrible and harsh and evils treatments, and those who have committed so much evil, go to Quartae Relm, where Puqlod, Goddess of Emotion, lets out her fury.


Vavlij is God of Wisdom, and rules over the sanctuary of Nitehba. He is described, in the Janghi, to be equipped with a triton. A triton, or taeton, is a weapon that has a blade on one end, and two prongs on the other, which are very sharp. He is also described as wearing golden armour. He has blue eyes, and long blonde hair. He is very tall and muscular,