Joan Hersey

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Competition Medal Record
Gold Tyrellia Women's Individual Balance Beam

Joan Hersey proved herself in Tyrellia as Starblaydia's best gymnast. In the Team Qualifying competition she gained the highest total score for her team, as well as qualifying for the Individual All-Around, Uneven Bars and Balance Beam events.

Though in the Team competition she well and truly choked, producing the lowest' total score for her team. Joan also finished in 19th place in the Individual All-Around event.

In the Uneven Bars, an event where Starblaydia had hoped to medal, she came 11th, behind teammate Janice Scruggs in 4th Place but ahead of Amy Goodrich in 15th. Her moment of glory came, however, in the Balance Beam event, where she produced a near-perfect score of 9.958 to take Gold.