Joanna von Sachshausen

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Empress Joanna von Sachshausen of Lavenrunz
Empress of the Teutonic Empire of Lavenrunz
Secretary-General of SATO

Joanna von Sachshausen was the longtime Empress of Lavenrunz, Secretary-General of the South Atlantic Treaty Organization, and one of the more famous statesmen of NS.

When she was a young woman she had pioneered egalitarianism in the Lavenrunzian military by joining the Imperial Marines and serving in action, one of the first women to formally do so. This broke the mould and paved the way for others.

Empress Joanna was not originally the heir to the throne, but when her older brother Archduke Friederich was killed in a skiiing accident she found herself in that position.

During her life she was a patron of the arts and always devoted to her family including Archduke Tristan, her husband and consort, Archduke Valerian, her eldest son, her eldest daughter Magda and her youngest daughter Aurora. Highlights of her life: