John I

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John Patrick Kennan
Baron Cambera
Proclaimed Grand Duke of Saxmere in 1652

In the mid-17th century, war between the highland kingdoms, particularly Excalbia, and the Catholic lowlanders spured leaders in the Eastern lowlands to abandon their traditional politics, with each village governing its own affairs autonomously, and seek a stronger, more centralised government. In 1652, after years of negotiation, John Patrick Kennan, the Baron of Cambera, was chosen as the new Grand Duke of the unified Grand Duchy of Saxmere. Grand Duke John I led Saxmere to a stalemate against Excalbia and made peace with King Sweyn II in 1653.

War broke out again in 1673, leading to the death of Sweyn II. John I, after resisting renewed attacks from the highlanders, was able to sign a new peace agreement with Queen Hildegaard in 1675.

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