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cnadelz This article deals with Judaism as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion strongly rooted in the history of the Jewish people and their relationship with God. Judaism is the one of the world's oldest monotheistic religions and provided the root for Christianity, Islam and Bahá'í, all of which accept the Jewish scriptures as the Word of God, even while maintaining that other texts denied by Judaism also merit the same title.

Jews are commonly the victims of persecution by fascist nations and also by extremists of other religions. Some Jewish leaders attribute this to the fact that, while there are Jewish minorities in a great many nations, perhaps most human nations, there are very few states which are predominantly Jewish. However, it is debatable whether this would make much of a difference. The presence of numerous strong elven states does not prevent anti elf persecution, after all.

List of States having Jewish Popuations

  • 100% of the population of Adon Olam is Jewish. (Messianic)
  • 97% of the population of Polockistan is Jewish
  • 96% of the population of Almohed is Jewish
  • 95% of the population of West Ararat Island is Jewish
  • 93% of the population of La Jose is Jewish
  • 87% of the population of Malsitar is Jewish
  • 83% of the population of Far Jerusalem, especially the ethnic Jeruselaño majority, is Jewish
  • 40% of the population of Aurania-Shifre is Jewish, almost completely in Shifre
  • 25% of the population of Sel Appa is Jewish
  • 18% of the population of Alomogordo is Jewish, and Hebrew is an official language
  • 16% of the population of United Island Empires is Jewish, most of which live in the capital, Sekore Island.
  • 15% of the population of Straschkau is Jewish
  • 14% of the population of the Vuhifellian Federation is Jewish, a dramatic increase from the 2% a few years ago
  • 10% of the population of Asgarnieu is Jewish
  • Just under 10% of the population of Kargazhstan is Jewish, at best estimates
  • 8% of the population of Layarteb is Jewish
  • 7% of the population of Foxstenikopolis is Jewish
  • 4% of the population of the Resurgent Dream is Jewish and Judaism is the official religion of the Danaan state of Selinia
  • 3% of the population of Nanakaland is Jewish
  • 2% of the people of the Helghan Colonial Force are Jewish despite the illegal status of the religion there
  • 2% of the population of Errikland is Jewish due to the nation's historical postion of a haven for the Jews.
  • 2% of the people of Yuunli is Jewish
  • 1.2% (est.) of the population of Ariddia is at least nominally Jewish.
  • 1% of the population of The Latin Union is Jewish
  • 0,3% of the population of Christiana Terra is Jewish
  • 10 million people in Ness Snorlaxia are Jewish
  • 1 million of people in Love and esterel are jewish. The main current, Reconstructionist Judaism, is somehow derivated from the historical mystical Kabbalah. Reconstructionist Judaism is a non-theistic denomination of Judaism without the belief of revelation. They redefined God as the sum of natural powers or processes that allows mankind to gain self-fulfillment and moral improvement. Reconstructionist Judaism eschatology refers to a messianic era but not to a Messiah. Reconstructionist Judaism Men and Women enjoyed same status and have decided to not use anymore the expression "chosen people". Many "Reconstructionist Judaism" celebrations in love and esterel are inter-religious, where believers from other main religion and others faith are invited to attend and contribute. Believers also attend regularly others religions celebrations.