Juliet Rickover

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Juliet Rickover is currently the nominal head of the powerful Mangalan conglomerate MangalaCorp. Under her leadership MangalaCorp has pursued closer ties with the Star Empire of Valinon and formed a strategic partnership with communications giant MNN. Rickover is credited with negotiating the deal that now allows MNN and MangalaCorp to administer the Sol portion of the Valinon-based Nu-Space network, a virtual reality based ansible communications network.

Rickover has thus far refrained from entering the world of politics, though she is known to wield considerable influence behind the scenes. She counts many powerful political figures among her friends, including John Chase and George Reid along with senior diplomats from nations as diverse as Valinon and Auman. Rickover is also rumored to keep in close touch with some of the more powerful sentient intelligence AIs that inhabit the Nu-Space network.