KaMaRi kali

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KaMaRi kali
Nation: Rejistania
Function: economical center
Population: about 20% of the rejistanian population live in KaMaRi or associated kalesa'ny
Leader: Hikiminisijil Venexesekimi

The economic capital of Rejistania is KaMaRi kali, which is also the biggest city in Rejistania and the cultural capital of the Majuveda, the Minokaje and the Ehila~o. KaMaRi kali may seem like an odd name for a city; however it needs to be understood that this isn't just one city, but three combined through their overpopulation and expansion. The name is the abbreviation of Kalimnintan-Maiju-Riandu, the three cities which grew into one another, kali is just the word used to describe the fact this place is a city. If you would like to take a walk around you will see the various districts which were once cities of their own, such as the Riandi quarters which still have small roads and houses with only small windows in direction to the roads, Kalimnintani quarters which still have small houses and on the doors are traditional signs to keep evil (Jaortir) away.

Kalimnintan was the ancient capital of the Majuvedian kingdom. The old palace and the religious park which has a certain hill which was claimed by different inikresaistic sects, when fight started, the king Exkeja reminded the fighters that the all believe in the same higher gods and allowed it all religions to have their temples or places of worship there. You can see different inikresaistic temples, a Buddhist temple, even a roman catholic church. Of course the centre of KaMaRi can not be described as falling into one category. The high number of different soccer teams and stadiums is remarkable even for Rejistani standards. Nearly one entire divisasi of the H1SR is located there.

The most important event taking place in KaMaRi kali was the final of the World Cup 12.