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Kaenei Mars, or to give the colony its full title; The Star Territory of Kaenei Mars*, was the second settlement created by The Serene^Union of Kaenei outside of Earth. Though previously and arguably still regarded by The Aengelistoria Dominica as a political hotbed of instability and conflict, when an opportunity made itself apparent to settle upon the Red Planet the decision to colonise was made relatively quickly. The proximity to Earth, and also the closeness of the territory to allied/cordial nations in the form of Menelmacar and Zero-One made the effort less difficult to complete.

A founding

The original territory now occupied by the Kaeneian colony used to belong to the Martian Confederacy, a nation which was annihilated by the allied forces of Tarasovka, Der Angst and the Vortex Corporation during Operation: Roundhammer. The Confederacy was carved up between the victors of the war and two of their allies, with the now Kaeneian territories passing to the Vortex Corporation.

However, following the integration of the Vortex Corporation into Tarasovka, its Martian possessions came under Taraskovyan jurisdiction. The then Ruling Council of the Taraskovyan Federation, facing a critical situation back in the metropoly and fearing outstretching its resources, decided to sell the territory to a Der Angstian ally. Eventually, the Serene^Union was approached by Der Angst and Tarasovka and offered the territory in return for payment not deemed appropriate to mention. After some deliberation, a consensus agreeing to found Kaenei Mars was reached; though a conservative element within the Council resisted strongly.

Ten thousand colonists were initially selected, a particularly small number given the resources available and an almost hesitation in beginning construction efforts- The territory lying empty fully eight months before initial mobilisations begun.

Initial conflict

As part of the purchase, the Serene^Union was oblidged to allow those citizens of the former Martian Confederacy who chose not to leave Kaenei Mars full rights to remain, displaying no prejudice irrelevent of the number. Despite generous assistance offered to those remaining as a gesture of goodwill, the Khristians quickly refused to accept Kaeneian rule, instead attempting to rebuild a Khristian state within the Serene Commonwealth-Territory.

Such actions were not tolerated for long, and after extensive negotiations failed Guardians of the Defence Terra mobilised and with minimal violence or bloodshed removed the Khristians,henceforth banning them from citizenship within Kaenei Mars and also from entering without express permission. Shortly afterwards the remains of the former Khristian capital of Aqualonde were destroyed from orbit to ensure that no undesirable element could again take root amongst its rotting innards.

The future

The Star Territory of Kaenei Mars continues to grow, albeit at a greatly slowed rate as more resources are diverted to the strengthening of the sister Star Territory of Europa. Total Kaeneian population upon the Red Planet is now in excess of fifty million, though it is not expected to climb to further noticable levels barring a change in foreign policy.


  • The term "Star Territory" stems from a decision taken by the Office of Foreign and Extra-Solar affairs, when requested by the Aengelistoria Dominica to decide upon a name for a classification of foreign assets that at the time and to this day number two - worthy of recognition for two reasons; the sheer number of Kaeneians living outside Earth as well as the sheer effort to establish the colonies. After much deliberation and deciding against including them simply in the Serene^Union for fear of cheapning the spirit of the unification of the original twelve provinces and to reflect the extra-Earth nature of the colonies, the name "Star Territories" was adopted.

Though with considerable self-government on a national scale similiar to the quasi-authority held by the Provincial governments of the Serene^Union itself, ultimate sovereignity resides with the Aengelistoria Dominica; any legislation disliked by said council can be overturned at any stage. To reflect this semi-autonomous nature, the organ of power on Kaenei Mars is known as The Toria Dominica - Literally meaning powerful, though not unlimited.