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Nation: Arsenius
Function: Capital
Population: 75,000,000
Leader: President Newton Arsenius

Karabal, population 75,000,000, is the capital city of Arsenius. Located on the west coast of Arsenius, Karabal is a major international seaport, being the westernmost port in the Honorable Earthen Coalition. It enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons, many sandy beaches, and a mountain backdrop only a two hour train ride away.

Brief History

The city that is today Karabal was originally the site of two competing cities, Vistula and Remwar. When a severe flood had destroyed both cities, planners put aside their differences and intended to build a new city, the largest and grandest in Arsenius. Within thirty years, the population had exploded, due to its strategic location as the westernmost port city of the HEC. A couple of years later, the public had lobbied to have the capital city moved from its historic location at Terwana, to the new, cosmopolitan city of Karabal. By the end of the century, the government had set up shop in Karabal.

Tourist Attractions

Karabal is home to numerous tourist attractions.

  • The Boardwalk- a beachfront shopping district home to hundreds of high end stores
  • The Capitol Building- home to the Arsenian legislature
  • The Tower of Freedom- the tallest building in Arsenius and one of the tallest in the HEC.
  • The National Library- houses one of the world's largest collection of classical literature.
  • The Submarine Hotel- A hotel built with the rooms underwater, right in the heart of Karabal Harbor.
  • 1542 Terwana Ave- Home to the Presidential Palace
  • Mt. Newton Railway Station- Jumping off point for tourists to visit the nation's tallest mountain.
  • The Four Biodomes- Features fully enclosed prairie, desert, tundra, and rainforest ecosystems.
  • The Presidential Hall- home of the National Orchestra and opera house.
  • "Under the Boardwalk"- a large music and entertainment district.


There are three ways for foreigners to arrive in Arsenius. The first is via Karabal International Airport (KBL), located about 70 km south of Karabal. From there, one can take the subway system or the "Autopista de la Paz" (Freeway of Peace) to downtown Karabal. Alternatively, one can take the Arsenian Channel Tunnel (HEC Inter-State Highway 2) from the mainland HEC to the eastern port city of Terwana. There are also two ferry services linking Genosha and The Pacific Army, which arrive in the northern city of Kariboo. Once arriving, one only has to follow the Alberto Henares Coast Highway south, to connect to I-2, which will take you into the Karabal metro area.



The Karabal Skyline, viewed from the eastern end of the harbor. The island in the middle is the upper levels of the Submarine Hotel.