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Karela Lines is an amateur club in the H1SR of Rejistania. Since the foundation of the league, the "Yellows from Karela" (translation of the team name) were either in the league, just got relegated a season ago or reached promotion from the H2SR. Due to the high standard of the youth teams and the loyality of the players and the "System Karela" (a highly defensive tactic), "Karela L" is expected to remain on a high-ish level in the next years.

Their ground, the Karela Lines Grass Pitch, is nearly always sold out, especially if the match is against arch-rival Sen-La-Sa~o Relekhati, from the same part of KaMaRi kali. Partly, this results from the fact that only 9500 visitors have place in the "stadium" but another reason is that many rejistanis like that team and their famous defense.

The national players playing or having played for Karela Lines are: Xeseja Su and defenders Hana Yla, Dini Y and Xenra Ji.

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