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Nation: Sabrateur
Function: Capital City
Population: Approx 425 million
Leader: City Council
Kashmir is the capital city of Sabrateur. It is the largest and most populous city in the country, with a population of around 425 million. It is the seat of the Sabratese Parliament and place of residence of the Sabratese Monarchy.

The first city established by inaugural Sabratese king, Ranulph I, Kashmir is therefore the oldest settlement in Sabrateur. It is the county's centre of politics and the arts, and is widely renowned for its outstanding architecture.

Its diverse population draws from a wide range of peoples, cultures and religions from across The Spectrum and further afield. This is likely due to Kashmir being an international transport hub, with seven international airports and a large port on the Synaptic Gulf.

Kashmir is a major tourist destination, with many Sabratese Heritage sites and numerous iconic landmarks. It lies just west if the Synaptic Gulf, with the outskirts reaching its banks.


'Kashmir' may refer to one of several things. Firstly, and foremost, it is the metropolitan area, or city, which occupies an area of 230 square KM. It may also be used to describe the historic boundaries set by Ranulph I (however this is often named 'The City'. Furthermore, it refers to the outlying county, Greater Kashmir, which occupies an area of 800 square KM.

Geograhpy and Climate

The central husk of Kashmir is built on a hill, as this was strategically sensible in Ranulph's time. The subsequent development has seen the city slope down to the Synaptic Gulf, and to the west, towards the valleys of Eilern, in central Sabrateur. The northen reaches of the city lie in in the fens south of the Seol Aviv forest, whereas the the south, the suburbs climb towards the South country and Theswish.

Kashmir is popular for its warm climate. In summertime, residents and visitors regularly enjoy temperatures of over 100°F every day. In winter, however, the climate drops, and snow is often a problem in outlying suburbs.

Famous Landmarks