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Note: this article refers to the Progressan capital, not the capital of Kazaki.

Kaza is the capital city of Kaze Progressa. It is located on a large plateau in the northern part of the Central Hills, a large series of rolling hills in the centre of the country, and has spread along the gentle hillsides surrounding the city, especially to the south.

The city's metropolitan area has a population of 28,592,482 as of the last census, and covers an area of 32km (maximum) east-west and 48km (maximum) north-south. The city's CBD, actually located slightly north of the city's geographical centre, contains most of the governmental department buildings as well as the Parliament Building, comprised of two uneven circular buildings stacked on top of each other representing the National House and Local House (the upper and lower chamber in Parliament respectively). To the north-east, Sports City contains most of the major sporting venues in the city including the national stadium, the Progressair Stadium. This staged the World Cup 17 final, and is also the home of Kaza X-Teem - the most famous club side in the country.

To the north-west, Bilkitoniz Lake is the fifth largest natural lake in the country, and the surrounding areas are havens for artists and writers. Inardiol and Old Town, immediately north and north-west of the CBD, have been revitalised in recent years with the construction of new sporting facilities and the country's first entirely underground housing block, containing 1000 flats built underneath a park that is free for the use of the residents.

Claribi Park, to the south-east, is the largest urban park in Kaze Progressa, and remains heavily forested with relatively few paths and open spaces. To the south and west of the park, new housing estates are consistently springing up, although most building is up rather than out in order to protect green spaces around and within the city.