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Type of religion: Polytheistic
Founded: 4600 B.C.E.
God(s): Tyth (Ruler God), lower Gods, Angels, Saints, Demons
Holy texts: Ruuji (Temple of the Supreme Faith); Tytha Ahayuri (Kazach Order)
Followers: 2.34 billion
Practised in: Vuhifellian Federation
sacred areas: 5 Sacred Shrines
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Symbol of Kazachitism

Kazachitism is a religion originating in the Vuhifellian Federation, further tracing its roots, one can find it arose from somewhere on the west coast and eventually spread further east as the tribes of the continent traded and interacted more.

Kazachitism is a polytheistic religion, based on a hierarchy of (in order of holiness) The Ruler/Ultimate God, lower Gods, Angels, Saints, humans, Demons. It is currently the largest religion in the Vuhifellian Federation, with 2.34 billion followers.


No one can really tell the true age of Kazachitism, however, early manuscripts of the first Kazach Ruujis (holy book) indicate that the religion dates back to at least 4600 B.C. Like most religions, it broke into many different sects around 2700 B.C. However, only two of the many sects the religion broke into, survive today, they are: Ju Giriguya Kahz Mekana (Temple of the Supreme Faith); and the Uruoi Kahz (Kazach Order).

While no one knows the exact date Kazachitism was founded, everyone agrees that it had spread across the entire continent by the year 3900 B.C. as many records remain that indicate the Five Sacred Shrines were built by this time.



Both holy books of the two sects contain 32 Jaguus, with differences only in the later Jaguus. The first Jaguu tells of how Tyth and his wife created the universe, and the thirty-second tells of how a man can enter the Holy Sanctum to be with Tyth.

In the beginning, before there was Earth, before the stars, and the moons, and the universe, Tyth's wife, Samarel, died. Feeling sorrow and depression, his children (the lesser gods) tried to comfort him, but to no avail. He missed his wife, and his children could not understand his sorrow, so he created Earth, and the stars, and the moons, and humans.

After the creation of humans, Tyth and his children went down to Earth to live among the humans, these humans, are referred to as "The Angels" because they were created by the divine hand of Tyth, and thus, they too were divine. However, the early shells of these humans were empty, thus, Aden, the Goddess of Life, and Tyth's youngest daughter, brought the breath of life into these shells.

Tyth could see their emotions, their joy, their sorrow, their laughter, their tears, and he forgot the pain of losing his wife, he and all the other Gods were pleased, because a human had also fallen in love with Aden, eventually bearing children with her. These children, "The Saints", were not as divine as the Angels, but they were still divine, and Aden's five sons, St. Dragoon, St. Makor, St. Archer, St. Hewlett, and St. Ark, eventually founded the five tribes of Vuhifell.

This is known as the Dominance Epoch. Where man replaced Tyth as the dominant creature upon the Earth, as more generations of humans passed, and the holy blood in them began to fade away, mankind spread across the Earth, and created different languages, different cultures, and different religions. As man created his first religion not paying homage to Tyth, the Gods were insulted, and Tyth created the Netherworld, a place for all humans who do not follow his ways, and for the faithful, he created the Holy Sanctum, where faithful humans would go when they died.

Thus, Tyth took his children, the Gods, the Angels, and the Saints up to the Holy Sanctum, bringing about what Christians call, "The fall of man."

Holy Sanctum

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