Keith "The Scorpion"

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Keith "The Scorpion"
Garrison Commander Of Neo-Philadelphia
Tiberian Destiny

A former Nod general active in the central Europe and the Balcan, Keith earned his nickname for his stunning abilities to distract enemies with attacks from both sides with impressive, but practically useless forces, then airstrike vital installations left unguarded in the center, leaving enemy forces in disarray - just like a scorpion's tail. However, he considered the soldiers attacking first considered as "disposable". Due to this tactic, he was only granted with mission that were worth to lose great amounts of ground forces. When Number 13 appeared, he and his troops joined other Nod troops that began to gather in Neo-Philadelphia. He was soon after promoted as military commander of Neo-Philadelphia, and thus, until further expansion of the young nation, top military commander of the entire tiberian forces. Seth had suggested him for the position, yet not to grant him power, but to "put him into a position where the Emperor's eye is easy put on him". Yet, it is also likely that he possesses the most military experience in the ranks of the remining Nod forces, another Nod general, who apparently was the only other remaining, is killed by Emperor 13's telekinetic abilities when trying to communicate with Phoenix Spacestation to join forces with GDI.