Kelssek Pacific Airlines

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Main hubs Malton International, Kirkenes
Silver Ridge International, Clayquot
Emerald Gateway, Breton
Burnaby International, Burnaby
Secondary hubs Mackenzie King International, Neorvins
Billy Bishop International, Vickery
Gordon Sinclair International, Langlois
Colin Mochrie International, Saint-Remy
Callsign Pacific
Airline codes KP/KPA

Kelssek Pacific Airlines is Kelssek's second-largest airline. A fully private corporation, it was founded in 1942 by a group of retired Air Force pilots with the help of a government grant and four converted bombers. Today, it is a privately-owned corporation with its headquarters in Kirkenes, although its unions are buying up its public shares and are rumoured to be in the process of making a bid to buy a majority stake and turn the company into a Soviet corporation; privately owned by its employees.


Kelssek Pacific Fleet
Aircraft Passengers
Airbus A319-100 120 (14/106)
Airbus A320-200 140 (20/120)
Airbus A321-200 172 (24/132)
Celestar CE540-300 234 (30/204)
Airbus A330-300 248 (38/210)
Boeing 747-400 383 (F12/J47/Y324)
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