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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is keok.
Diplomat & World Cup footballer
Ambassadorial Posting
Tanah Burung
National Team / Local Team
Errinundera / Mount Ellery
Noted For
Captain of the national team for the World Cup 30 qualifiers

Free speaking and passionate, keok captained the Potoroos until she was injured in a freak accident during the tragic World Cup qualifying match at Frosty Hollow that took the lives of her vice-captain, ubhashinim, and 25 spectators.

Academic Achievements

keok graduated in law with distinction from the Mount Ellery Underground University majoring in Global Environmental Justice. After retiring from professional football she returned to study and completed a Master's Thesis in Procedural Standards in Law Reform at the First Creek Falls Lyceum.

Diplomatic Postings

Upon completion of the thesis keok was appointed ambassador to the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia in Rêvane. This was her first diplomatic role since retiring from professional football. Eyebrows were raised due to keok's well known propensity to speak her mind. Protector of Foreign Affairs and Other Overseas Activities, iveitu, stated that this quality was precisely what he liked in ambassadors.

After four years in this role she was transferred as ambassador to The Six Nations of Tanah Burung. She was able to combine these duties with her new position as coach of the Tanah Burung Azmak side in the World Cup for Indigenous Peoples.

World Cups

  • Stats include qualifying matches .
  • leighm medal is voted upon by the Errinundrian coaching staff for the Player of the Series.

World Cup 26

A surprise selection for the ill-fated privately run campaign. When the backers withdrew funding keok led the player's efforts to personally finance the completion of the qualifying series. Her reputation for doggedness and leadership was established under these difficult and trying circumstances. keok's ability to take on many tasks simultaneously earned her the nickname, "superwoman".

  • Played 9 games in the midfield and defence.
  • As these games were not sanctioned by the Errinundera Football Association the leighm medal was not awarded. Many media commentators rated her as one of the three best Errinundrians for the series.
  • Errinundera failed to qualify finishing last in their group with 3 wins and 9 losses.

World Cup 30

At 39 years of age keok was the veteran of the team. She and the goalkeeper lúthient, who played 2 games as a substitute in World Cup 26, were the only members of the squad with World Cup experience. Appointed captain she led the team with distinction until her untimely injury.

  • Played 10 games in the midfield.
  • 6 leighm votes - was running second to ubhashinim when the medal was suspended in the aftermath of the Frosty Hollow disaster.
  • Was filmed sleeping in the team dugout after being substituted in the second half of the match against The Lowland Clans.
  • Severely injured by a falling tree during the match against Spaamanian Plijous at the Frosty Hollow ground.
  • Errinundera failed to qualify with 3 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses.

Cup of Harmony 22

  • Assistant coach to withare despite spending much of the series on crutches.
  • Errinundera progressed from the group rounds with a 3-2-1 record, defeating much more highly rated teams in the process. They were then defeated in the second round by one of the hosts, Dance 2 Revolution.

Tragedy at Frosty Hollow

Despite warnings from meteorologists that a severe cold front was approaching, the EFA refused to postpone the World Cup 30 qualifying match against Spaamanian Plijous at Frosty Hollow in Rooty Break. The front struck early in the second half and uprooted a tree that fell on the pitch killing ubhashinim and crushing keok. 25 spectators were also killed - all by exposure as the temperature rapidly fell to -15º.

A newspaper account of the tragedy: DISASTER AT FROSTY HOLLOW.

What People Have Said About Her

  • ejec (unsuccessful saboteur): She has been a credit to the game – always positive about her players regardless of how well they have been doing.
  • elebra (major events organiser, Mount Ellery): We are so proud of our local girl. She mightn’t have been the most skilful player in the side but she sure had the biggest heart.
  • ighin (member, Mount Ellery Erotic Dance Company): I think people fell in love with her smile. It was wickedly lopsided but also had a hint of doubt at the edges, as if to say “How are the bastards in the world going to rip me off now?” Luckily, there aren’t too many bastards in Errinundera.
  • illia (political adviser): She is so passionate about everything she does. It gets her into bother sometimes but that’s the nature of Errinundrians.
  • iveitu (Errinundera’s Protector of Foreign Affairs and Other Overseas Activities on keok tweaking the nose of an Ariddian policemen on her first visit as ambassador): “She’s an Errinundrian.”

From the Archives

Read an interview with keok during World Cup 30, ERRINUNDERA CAPTAIN INSPIRES CELEBRATIONS AT THE CAVERN