Kerrigan Weaving Industries

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Corporation name
Headquarters: Rouer, Etaros
Nationality: Etaros
Specialty: Basket weaving, furniture
Storefront: none

Kerrigan Weaving Industries is headquartered in Rouer, Etaros. Kerrigan Weaving Industries was originally located in Aldonska, but after the province was destroyed during the Lietuv War of Succession, it was forced to move to Etaros. Kerrigan provides high-quality baskets, wicker furniture, and clothing to Lietuvs and even markets in several foreign countries, such as Knootoss and Menelmacar. The ability of Kerrigan Weaving to provide affordable products makes it very popular amongst middle class citzens of the UKE, and is expected to survive a long time.

Current CEO: Anabella Kerrigan (granddaughter of founder)