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The Khallaynan Orthodox Chruch is the largest (and only) Christian Church in Khallayne, this religion which has existed in Khallayne's underground has with the Proclamation of Religious Freedom emerged from the darkness and into the light of society with 10% of the population as devout believers in this religious institution.

Current Patriarch

Patriarch Diamond I


The Hierarchy of the Khallaynan Orthodox Church works like this.

The Patriarch is considered the head of the Conclave of Bishops and Mother Superiors which manages the Khallaynan Orthodox Church and aids it's followers in understanding the will of God. In all matters that come to a vote the Patriarch holds the tie breaker in necessary cases. Beneath the Patriarch are the Bishops who manage Districs with a main Church and all churches within 20 to 40 miles of their main Church (as descided by the Conclave of Bishops). Beneath the Bishops are the regular Priests and Nuns of the Church who work on various projects in the name of the Church.

Note: Until recently the Church had maintained seperate Conclaves, one for Bishops and one for Nuns, but a recent powershift has allowed for a union of both Conclaves into a single unified Conclave. The vote was 170-30 in favor of with the Patriarch voting agianst.

Differences of Belief

While the Khallaynan Orthodox Church recognizes many of the same beliefs of most Orthodox Churches the main difference in Khallayne Orthodoxism is it's interpretation of the Bible, the Church considers the Bible to be a work of man attempting to translate the unfathomable glory of God and is vulnerable to error by the men who held the pen. So the Church is much more flexible in adapting to new situations and times.

The Khallaynan Orthodox Church has maintained a Patriarch of it's own, not out of disrespect of their fellow Orthodox brother Churches but because it would of been impossible for communications to be kept constant between Khallayne and Constantinople 300 years ago.

The Orthodox Church has come in the modern era to accept both women and homosexuality and has rejected violence as a tool of conversion (mostly to appease the suspicions of the Khallaynan Government that the Orthodox Church would attempt a Crusade within the nation) but since the Church hasn't used violence (other than in self-defence) this has posed little problem with the Hierarchy of the Church.

The Khallaynan Orthodox Church instead of using the Greek Rite uses both an Old Khallaynan Rite and an English Rite so people can understand what the priest is saying during mass.

Prayer Book

The Khallaynan Orthodox Church uses one unique prayer book than any other Christian Church in the world.

The Book of St. Ishbala (Offical Saint of Khallayne)


The origins of the Khallayne branch of the Orthodox Church starts with the missionary St. Ishbala who came to the Empire in the year 1000 N.E. (in the Empire's recogning of time) and encountered a civilization that rejected all other religious thought except the State Faith of The Holy Order of The Way of Peace. Ishbala none the less began his conversion work in secret for over 20 years until he had created a hidden community, a Church that due to the distance from Constantinople had the makings of it's own brand of Christianity.

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