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Flag of Khallayne
Motto: In Yellow Heaven We Trust
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Region Malibu Islands
Capital Rystal
Official Language(s) English, Old Khallaynan
Leader Empress Diane al'Von Rystal I
Population 56 Million (As of 10/20/05
Currency Credit 
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  • Offical: The Empire of Khallayne
  • Short: Khallayne


  • Single: Khallaynan
  • Plural: Khallaynans

National Animal: Skrom (a tiger with deer antlers)

National Anthem: Holy is the Empire!

Government Facts

Government: Empire/Absolute Monarchy/Imperial Senate (Serves as an Advisory Board)

Imperial Provinces: 25

Sufferage: 18 (universal)

Political Parties: Loyalty Party, Conservative Party, Utopian Party, Expasionist Party, Devout Party (The Holy Order of The Way of Peace), and the Deomcracy Party

Ruling Royal Family: The Rystal Dynasty

Current Imperial Era: Era of Glorious Reformation

Ruler: Her Blessed Majesty Empress Diane al’Von Rystal I, Empress of the Khallaynans, the Daughter of Heaven, Protector of the State, Defender of the Faith, Descendant of the Prophet, Ascendant to Yellow Heaven

Consort of Ruler: (None)

Imperial Children: (None)


The Empire of Khallayne is located in the Pacific Ocean on a small continent also called Khallayne.

The Central Region of the Empire is the location of the capital city of Rystal on the shores of Lake Yatti and the endpoint for the Grendal River (the largest river in the Empire). The Central Region of Khallayne is also the location of many cities like Micha, Symei, Tiberon, Xioa, Yolanda City, and Zutha, this is the beating heart of the Empire (and the most populated). The Northern Region is a mountainous region where most of Khallayne's raw minerals and oil is found (but with the discover of Hydrogen-Based Power, oil is becomming worthless).

The Northern Region is not heavily populated but some monks do call the region home. The Southern Region of the Empire is most made of islands where exotic fruits and animals are farmed and harvested, the most unsual thing bred in Khallayne for food is Dolphin.

The Southern Region's cities are considered tourist destinations where (Besides fruits, animals, and tourists) gambling is a source of revenue, the largest city is Evenport.

The Western and Eastern Regions of Khallayne are the coastlines where most commercial traffic in and out of the Empire is managed. The largest of these Portions cities are Brandenburg and Istenbar.

State Faith

Other Native Religions

Organized Temples of Skorm

Cult of the Sun and the Moon

Khallaynan Orthodox Church

Statistics of Religion

The Holy Order of The Way of Peace- 50%

Organized Temples of Skorm- 20%

Khallaynan Orthodox Church- 10%

Cult of the Sun and the Moon- 5%

Other- 5%


History of Khallayne


Khallayne UN Office

State Owned Media Corporation

Khallayne State News Network

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