Khenas International Airport

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Khenas International Airport is the airport serving Khenas City, and one of the very few international airports in Khenas. The airport is located on Airport island, near the Khenas city island. The airport serves many airlines, and is therefore widely criticised for having a low capacity.


The airport consists of a single terminal, originally designed for domestic flights only. This makes the terminal very small with only 12 gates, something that is considered to be a major problem with the airport. The aiport has a departures hall on the upper level, and the arrivals hall on the lower level. There is also a cafe and a few shops in the gate area. the Airport is linked to the city by a road bridge, and is also the eastern terminus of the Red Line of the Khenas city metro.


Khenas International Airport is widely criticised by passengers who had to fly to, from, or through the airport, mostly based on the airports small size. It is painfully obvious to any-one flying through that it was designed to be a regional airport, and the terminal is very crowded with long queues at check-in, security, immigration control, and customs. Also, since there are only 12 of them, gates are rarely available, and passengers will usually have to take a bus to their plane, and even sometimes there is not even enough buses, forcing passengers to stand in the overcrowded terminal area until there is either a jetway or bus to take them to their plane.

Regulations have been made to combat this, such as only allowing passengers to be inside the waiting area if they have a flight within the next hour, of they are transferring to another flight in this airport, although this is avoided as many people prefer to spend as little time in this airport as possible. However, these regulations regulations fail miserably at fixing the problem, if they do not worsen it. A common example of this is that since passing of the Waiting room relgulations, the check-in area, which is even smaller, become even more over-crowded, wuickly filling up the seats, and causing confusion between who is waiting to check their bags in, and who is standing simply because there are no free seats. The luggage reclaiming area is also overcrowded, and there are many reports of luggage theft.