Kirby Duggan

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Kirby Duggan
Kirby Duggan
Nationality Gruenberger
Current position Environmental Advisor to the Gruenberger Office of UN Affairs
Former position Director, Gruenberger Hemp Advisory Board
Interests Prog rock, Taoism, giggling, bright lights.
Kirby Karthunkin Duggan (born August 1, 1980) is a useless stoner hippy, currently serving as Environmental Advisor to Gruenberg's Office of UN Affairs, though his principal source of revenue comes from supplying UN officials, most notably Rono Pyandran, with recreational drugs. He was formerly Director of Gruenberg's Hemp Advisory Board, and thus in some sense represents just how much a joke can be pointlessly drawn out.

Early life

Duggan was born to wealthy parents in Merlefurt, and grew up in the Gruenberg's elite social circle. He is distantly related to Lurs Lennto, who he succeeded as Environmental Advisor. By the age of 15, he had been expelled from two schools for drug-related offences, and completed his diploma through private tuition. He then attended the Central University of Flurthwel, taking a BA in Philosophy. During this time, he became acquainted with Princess Jianna Woltzten; the two briefly dated, and have remained on good terms, fuelling tabloid speculation about possible drug use by her. After university, he travelled for a year and then worked an internship at GruenChem, before setting up an internet firm selling magic mushrooms.

Hemp Advisory Board

To comply with United Nations Resolution #85, Support Hemp Production, Moltan Bausch had Gruenberg establish a Hemp Advisory Board. Gruenberg had long cultivated hemp industrially, and steered clear of the tax/subsidy system proposed by the resolution, and hence the board had no real powers or responsibilities; however, it was set up anyway. Retrospective analysis of its accounts indicate its main purpose was to act as yet another slush fund for Bausch. Duggan was appointed Director, and served out two uneventful years in the role, until the ACCEL UN Division successfully passed a repeal of the board's mandate. It was hence disbanded.

Environmental Advisor

Following the explosion of GC12, Lurs Lennto returned to Gruenberg to oversee GruenChem's affairs, leaving a vacancy in the role of Environmental Advisor. Rono Pyandran, seeking to find a reliable supplier for his ever-increasing drug habits,1 was alerted to Duggan's potential by Bausch. His appointment was seen as a snub to the environmental lobby, with GruenPeace commenting that, "Even we think this guy's a hippy. No one will take him seriously." He has not been active in UN affairs, though Pyandran has given him effusively praising status reports; he did earn a degree of notoriety, however, by fuelling Sheikh Larebil bin Cluich's stoned ramblings.2


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  2. Controlled Substance Act

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