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Halls of Memory Member
Member: GDODAD

Klamath was once a nation noted for its membership in GDODAD and its fearsome military/industrial complex, based on enhanced versions of Russian and Soviet technology. The greatly enhanced weapons systems were extremely popular in wars, naturally becoming the focus of a barely-cold war/arms race with Tahar Joblis, which strained its research budgets developing counters and equivalents to the Klamathian weapons, most notably the Yakhont 3 anti-shipping/cruise missile - millions of which were launched over the course of NationStates history.

Klamath introduced the entire Role Playing community up front and personal to numerous Soviet and Russian weapons systems that few had any familiarity with, although few boasted the degree of statistical enhancement of the Yakhont 3 missile.

Klamath was ultimately disbarred from the GDODAD once Communists overtook his nation and he had various confrontations with the moderation team. Steel Butterfly took his place as number three in the GDODAD chain of command as Steel Butterfly continued his ascent towards the head of the GDODAD.

Klamath's military arms threads set the tone and inspired the hundreds if not thousands of storefronts that followed him; however, "Klamath" became a verb after several fateful events, all of which involved truly massive and, quite possibly, never again equalled spammings of the forums. To Klamath is to spam in a truly abominable fashion, typically involving gratuitous pages of smilies and/or dozens to hundreds of threads.