Knootiaanse Groene Partij

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Knootiaanse Groene Partij
Established 1960s
Economic ideology Centre-leftGreen economics
Social ideology Libertarian
Party leader Femke Vologdov
Seats 75
Motto Say No to Galadriël / Say Yes to Change

The Knootian Green Party (KGP) is the largest political party. The KGP is oficially a green Party, but it represents most of Knootoss' centre-left, which is pacifist and anti-war, in favour of the welfare state and socially liberal. The party opposes the growing influence of the Order of the Invisible Hand and won the elections opposing the war in Tanah Burung. The party is in government after being in the opposition against a right-wing SLP/RCPK coalition for 8 years.

Stances on issues

Economic issues

  • Economic regulation: Tighter regulations
  • Income tax: Progressive, medium percentage income tax
  • Unemployment rate: Sustainable welfare economics to reduce joblessness

Social issues

  • Abortion: Support a woman's right to choose
  • Death penalty: Opposed
  • Euthanasia: Favours existing policies
  • Gay marriage: Support
  • Prostitution: Regulate to keep prostitutes safe
  • Welfare: Expand welfare to cover those in need

Foreign policy

  • Alliances: VERITAS and Concordat-based collactive security, improve bilateral relations
  • Defence: Decrease defence spending
  • Diplomacy: International cooperation, multilateralism
  • Immigration: relax quotas
  • Rejoining the United Nations: tentatively in favour
  • Religious beliefs: Separation of church and state, freedom to choose faith

Notable KGP members