Knootoss News Network

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Knootoss News Network
Headquarters: Rotterdam
Nationality: Knootoss
Specialty: All Media
Storefront: n/a

KNN, or the Knootoss News Network (Knootoss Nieuws Netwerk in Dutch) is a media conglomerate which owns a major share of various media corpriations in Knootoss. Most notable abroad is the English-language channel KNN World, which features internationally oriented programming bringing world news from a Knootian perspective. KNN World News has a reputation of striking deals to broadcast foreign wars. It heavily competes for good deals with warring parties, especially with news corporations from Der Angst.

The KNN Corporation has rights to various other digital television channels relating to a wide variety of programmes. In addition, it maintains an interest in all national Knootian newspapers. KNN, while claiming to be unbiased, is seen as generally more conservative-leaning (especially on economic issues). It supports the administration of Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan but allows the newspapers to follow their own policies. The Knootian Competition Authority has, in the past, launched inquiries into the concentration of power in the media market but it has not been succesful in breaking up its power.