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During the Allanea-UnAPS War, Knootoss left UnAPS and dropped out of the war. Below is the adress Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan gave in the Nieuwspoort Press Centre, explaining the issue from the Knootian perspective. This adress sparked a huge diplomatic row, with several other nations (notably Goobergunchia and Ilek-Vaad) leaving UnAPS and the relations with several other nations in Haven worsened considerably.

Statement in an emergency press conference by Prime Minister nos Cirdan

“Good day, ladies and gentlemen,

I have a rather… surprising announcement to make.

Several influential UnAPS members have plans to divide and annex parts of Allanea after the war. They claimed our ambassador Visser the lone voice of dissent against such actions. When it was revealed that a majority of UnAPS members actually opposes annexation, they claimed that it was not an UnAPS matter what their troops did to Allanea after the war. Our diplomats where insulted repeatedly when they sputtered.

We were opposed to a planned counter invasion of the Republic in the first place because it is foolish. The millions of casualties that will no doubt ensue are unneeded. The DDR has presented numerous alternatives, receiving support from many members, yet the matter was ignored and our people were mocked by Scandavians as unpatriotic.

The Scandavians have also dismissed the notion that the alliance is against their Imperialism, yet the Metus alliance was constantly portrayed as an enemy because they are doing this very thing. I would like to make clear today, as Prime Minister, that we have no ill intentions towards Metus. We condemn certain aspects of certain regimes, especially in the field of sentient rights. However instead of starting a cold war we would like to work together with the Metus alliance to address these issues in an open, friendly way. This is also why we do not have any sanctions against Greater Prussia, even though it is a part of Metus.

In the Knootian governments view, to even consider annexation of the sovereign Allanean Republic as a viable option is a flagrant violation of the charter. To quote its lofty words: we as an alliance “are brought together in the pursuit of universal human rights and for the promotion of progressive social and/or economic policies.” We have pledged “to respect the rights of all sentient beings and not to discriminate against such beings based o­n race or ethnicity” We have also pledged “ to oppose tyranny, aggression and imperialism wherever these vices make themselves known.” We still uphold those ideals and we believe a majority of the alliance also does.

Conquering a nation, splitting up its people and replacing a democratic government with small colonial o­nes is unacceptable to us. If UnAPS, in the end, allows this to happen they will have betrayed their ideals and ruined reputation. Because several member nations have decided to pursue these policies unilaterally, regardless of discussion, we will withdraw from this alliance immediately.

Knootian forces are also pulling out of Haven at this very moment. In my term, there will be no deaths of our boys and girls to facilitate land grabs. I also ask that the Allaneans allow our planes to leave peacefully, giving us time to withdraw from –the Prophet- without incident.

I personally implore the Allanean government to cease its invasion of Edolian lands and seek a peaceful settlement. We do not support the Allanean attack; it is the behaviour of several of our supposed allies who have, in our opinion, betrayed the alliance. Should any invasion happen, however, we will morally support Allanea in their defence against the imperialist aggressors should a planned annexation go through. Our nations have much in common, not in the least a passionate love for freedom.

I also hope to retain good relations with all UnAPS countries who still oppose imperialism, and share this love of freedom I mentioned, and have a respect for multilateralism, sovereignty and equal rights for all. We wish them well in their political struggle with their allies who, in our opinion, are not worthy of membership. I hope they will realise that this is not an act of treachery, but a moral necessity for our people. We do this because we believe it is the right thing to do, and because we are left no other option. We hope for peace o­n the Haven continent.

Thank you for your time. I am, as always, ready for questions should they be there."