Kurt Heishman

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Competition Medal Record
Gold Tyrellia Middleweight Boxing

Kurt Heishman is a Starblaydi Boxer, fighting in the Middleweight division. He competed in the Tyrellian Ylompic Games, where he won the Gold Medal.

On his way to Gold he defeated boxers from Rejistania, home nation Casari and Spruitland. In the Final he defeated Mack Hamilton of Milchama, ironically the man who had also dumped Starblaydi Jimmy Dicks out in the first round.

Route to Gold

  • Kurt Heishman (STB) def. Imik Nikah~sesil (REJ)
  • Kurt Heishman (STB) def. Armando Armwood (CAS)
  • Kurt Heishman (STB) def. Jules Kabass (SPR)
  • Kurt Heishman (STB) def. Mack Hamilton (MIL) for (Gold Medal)