Kyle II of Brutland and Norden

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Kyle II
September 11, 1988
Montecrestese Castle, Stroppiana, Union Territories
King of Brutland and Norden
September 11, 2006

King Kyle II (Nord-Brutlandese: Kail II) is the present monarch of the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden. He ascended to the throne on September 11, 2006.

Early Life

Kyle II was born on September 11, 1988 to King Adam IV of Brutland and Norden and Queen Charlotte II (Carlotta Mordevacchio di Stampione) in the Montecrestese Castle on the island of Stroppiana. He was baptized on September 24, 1988 by the Archbishop of Kingsville, Inazio Cardinal Mondragone.

When Kyle II was born, his father was already king. He is the oldest of four, with her mother bearing three more children: Prince Bryce, Duke of Brugnatella (Prinzo Bricco, Duco di Brugnatella); Princess Alexandra, Duchess of Santelleria (Prenzo Alessandra, Duco di Santelleria); and Princess Adrienne, Duchess of Tonzivibbia (Prenzo Adrianna, Duco d’Tonzivibbia).

His mother, formerly a doctor from Stampione, took on Kyle’s early education until she bore Prince Bryce when Kyle was two and a half years old. The future king was entrusted to Princess Samantha, Duchess of Trefini, King Adam IV’s younger sister and a registered teacher. Princess Samantha educated the young boy until he became the king.


King Adam IV suddenly died on June 16, 2006. The royal physician’s report was that the 49 year old king died of a burst aortic aneurysm. The nation underwent a month of mourning, and Queen Charlotte II took over the regency for three months until Kyle’s 18th birthday. Kyle II was crowned on September 11, 2006 at the Grand Cathedral in Kingsville.


Kyle once had a brief relationship with Luanna Mondragone (no relation to the Archbishop), a commoner from Sant’Unterro di Brugnatella. He met Mondragone during the Royal Blind Date of 2002, but the relationship did not last as both Kyle and Luanna revealed that they are not yet ready. It has been reported that they had remained friends today.


Kyle was supposed to enter the Royal Military Academy of Brutland and Norden (Academio Militare Rinna di Norden e Marchòbrutellia) upon reaching the age of 18. Most Nord-Brutlandese would rather let him continue working as King, but on March 2007, he announced that he would delegate many of his tasks to his mother so that he can enter the Military School in 2007. He would still remain the de facto king of the nation.


Kyle is known to be a fan of rock music, as is his brother, Prince Bryce.

The King is 6 ft. 1 in. tall and weighs 70.5 kgs. He once had a piercing on this left ear.

The King is rumored to have a tattoo of his coat of arms on his left arm, though this remains to be verified.

Full Name

His Royal Highness, The Great King Kyle II of Brutland, of Normark, of Dennland, and the Channel Islands, Grand Duke of Brutia, Sovereign of Timberland, Protector of the Union, and Defender of the Nation. In Nord-Brutlandese, it goes as follows: L’Inze Rinna, La Rinno Manna Kail II di Brutellia, di Norremaque, di Dennillia, e di l’Esolu di l’Unnone, Duco Manna di Brutia, Sverontetto di Marchòcchiese, Sprottetto di l’Unnone, e Defenzetto di la Nazione.