Kyle di Fontana

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Kyle di Fontana
approximate age: 18
The Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny
October 7, 2007

Kyle di Fontana is a member of the Nord-Brutlandese diplomatic corps.


Little is known behind the true circumstances surrounding Kyle di Fontana's life. He was found on May 2, 1989 somewhere in the UN Headquarters by Nigello Castresana, a Nord-Brutlandese adventurer who was sent by the Nord-Brutlandese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to explore the possibility of Brutland and Norden joining the United Nations.

Castresana named the newfound newborn baby boy after Brutland and Norden's also newborn Crown Prince, and his surname, di Fontana, refers to the place where Castresana had found him (beside a fountain somewhere in a courtyard in the UN headquarters).

Nobody took responsibility for the abandoned baby boy, though rumors flew on the parentage of the child. The Nord-Brutlandese Mission took care of Kyle and adopted him as their baby. Kyle saw people in the mission come and go (even the man who found him died on a plane crash on his way back to Brutland and Norden). Nobody explored the possibility of bringing him to Brutland and Norden as he is a stateless person, and he would be sent straight to an orphanage if he enters the country.

Many people who came to the Mission liked him, despite all the troubles he was getting into. Even the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bricco di Sint'Brullizio, showed fondness for the boy during the minister's stint in the UN.


United Nations

2006 saw the United Kingdom of Brutland and Norden join the United Nations. Kyle did some odd jobs around the mission, from substituting for staff when General Assembly debates are predicted to become ugly, to handwashing the laundry when the Nord-Brutlandese Mission's washing machine broke down. Many of the Nord-Brutlandese staff liked him: Ambassador Carina Talchimio-Spicolli sometimes affectionately calls her "son"; and another older staffer even had a crush on him. However, he had strained relations with Deputy Ambassador Maddalena Pedrana, who usually gives him a good lickin' every time he makes trouble.

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The staff of the Royal Nord-Brutlandese Embassy to the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny: Cadet First Class Carlo Franco Moretti (standing); Ambassador Kyle di Fontana (sitting); and Gabriella Rotanelli (sitting on the floor).


When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opened an embassy in the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny, Deputy Foreign Minister for the United Nations Dr. Cestre l'E. Montòccegliano had the crazy idea to appoint Kyle di Fontana as Ambassador, despite di Fontana being eighteen and does not formally have Nord-Brutlandese citizenship.

On October 7, 2007, the Nord-Brutlandese House of Lords took up di Fontana's nomination. For the second time since the establishment of embassies abroad, a confirmation debate took place in the House of Lords concerning an ambassadorial nominee. Lord Giorgio Reti of Norden took the lead in criticizing di Fontana's nomination on account of his age and statelessness. However, most peers disagreed with Lord Reti, and Kyle di Fontana's nomination passed 19-4. [1]

Ambassadorial Staff

Gabriella Rotanelli (b. November 30, 1991; Brusnengo, Santelleria, Union Territories, Brutland and Norden) is the daughter of the Nord-Brutlandese Ambassador to the Armed Republic of Mathism, Ambassador Giuseppe Rotanelli. She graduated early, and with honors, from the Kingsville International School. She intends to follow her father's footsteps and thus wants to have some experience in diplomacy at this early stage.

Cadet First Class Carlo Franco Moretti (b. September 12, 1993; Soldio, Trazio, Brutland, Brutland and Norden) is a student from the Academio Militara Rinna di Norden e Marchòbrutellia (AMRNM, Royal Military Academy of Brutland and Norden). Cadet Moretti was born to Elisa and Sgt. Carlo Moretti. Her mother died soon after his birth, and he was raised as a military brat. Eventually, he was schooled in the AMRNM, with the obvious carrer path of being an officer in the Army like his father. However, his father died of friendly fire when he was ten years of age, and with no relatives located, he is officially an orphan and is under the tutelage of the state. However, he chose to remain in the AMRNM. He was "volunteered" to become the security liaison for the Nord-Brutlandese Mission to the Federal Republic of Omigodtheykilledkenny.


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