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Flag of Kylesburgh
Motto: Multis e Gentibus Vires

Complete Map of Kylesburgh

Region the West Pacific
Capital Kylesburgh
Official Language(s) English
Leader President Chester T. Knutsen
Population 69,887 (September 2007)
Currency Kylesburgh dollar (KB$) 
Internet TLD .kyle
Calling code +5953
NS Sunset XML

The Community of Kylesburgh is an island city-state located in the West Pacific.


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English settlers came to the island aboard the ship Endurance on April 4, 1877. The 30 settlers, headed by Patrick B. Poole, were searching for a new land. Upon arriving at the island, they found a small deserted settlement and a seaside grave with a cross labeled “Kyle”; and so the settlement was called Kylesburgh.

Subsequent waves of settlers came in, mostly from England. By 1898, the rebuilt Kylesburgh boasted 1,412 inhabitants, with booming industries and attracting more settlers, some from France, Scotland, Scandinavia, Germany, Spain, and Poland.

In 1902, the inhabitants decided to gather and establish a government for the fledgling community. They created a constitution for the “Free State of Kylesburgh” and codified laws. The small country welcomed settlers and refugees and helped them have a new start.

The settlement grew, and through the decades it became one of the most modern, rich, and industrialized small nation. Most of the improvements came in the period between 1950-1980, when the economy boomed and the state modernized.

Today, Kylesburgh is a thriving island community, proud of its roots and traditions. Immigration may not be as big as it was before, but there are still traces of the different cultures that had an impact on it.


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The Kylesburgher government can be divided into three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches.

Kylesburgh is headed by a popularly elected president elected for a term of four years. The president exercises executive power and appoints members of the Cabinet with the consent of the legislature. The president also has veto power, which can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of the legislature.

The legislative branch is a single chamber legislature called the Kylesburgh Council, composed of 24 councillors elected in staggered 4-year terms. Six councillors are elected every year. The Kylesburgh Council makes laws, passes a budget, and confirms appointees and nominees.

The judiciary consists of 5 District Courts, which handles all types of cases. Appeals are heard by the 7-member Supreme Court of Kylesburgh.


Kylesburgh has two major political parties: the socially conservative free-market Conservative Party, and the socially liberal Liberal Party. A small Green Party also exists in Kylesburgh. Throughout much of its history Kylesburgh has had a two-party system, with control of the Council passing between the two parties. But the Green Party has now elected a councilor, which casts critical votes in the closely-divided Kylesburgh Council and has greatly increased the clout of the small party.


<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">kylesburghaerialau3.png
Aerial View of Kylesburgh


Kylesburgh is composed of a single island of unknown geologic origin. The western side of the island is a plateau studded with hills and the coastline ends in tall cliffs. The hills are composed of coralline limestone, sandstone, and seafloor basalt. Virtually the entire western half of the island is a national park (Kylesburgh Cliffs National Park). The eastern side is composed of the gentle slopes of the hills terminating in a plain. It is trisected by two ridges, aptly named the North Ridge and the South Ridge. The North Ridge is a limestone-marble formation separating Old Kylesburgh from Kylesburgh proper, it meets the sea at Promontory Hill. The South Ridge is a basalt-schist formation that meets the sea at Beacon Hill. The two ridges starts from the hills, and the South Ridge, in particular, has significant deposits of manganese, cobalt, copper, molybdenum, gold, chromium, nickel, and rare earths. Some of these are being extracted in Kylesburgh’s only mine.

Kylesburgh has many fine beaches. There are three developed beaches: The North (along Holstein Avenue), West (along Poole Avenue) and South (along University Drive) beaches. These are frequented by tourists and locals alike.


Being a small island, Kylesburgh has no lakes or rivers. There is only one small surface stream on the island, the Poole Creek, which winds on the north side of Kylesburgh Hill and empties on the western side of the island in the spectacular Rainbow Falls. Kylesburgh has many underground streams, and these had been mapped out to take advantage of the water supply and prevent formation of sinkholes.

Almost all of Kylesburgh's water supply comes from the desalination plant in South Kylesburgh.


Kylesburgh climate is Meditteranean in nature. It is warm from April to September, and as such is a favored destination of tourists. Snow falls during December and January.


As the entire western half of the island and the North and South Ridges are protected areas, Kylesburgh enjoys a wide variety of wildlife. Deer can still be found in the island, as are tree sparrows, and many other fauna. Kylesburghers enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat (The National Park is open to hiking, exploration, and the like; and the country has no zoo.)


Kylesburgh has a strong free-market economy. It has a robust manufacturing and high-tech industries, being home to such companies as the computer maker Hewitt-Packer and the robot maker Automata Ltd. The country also has a stock exchange, with both local and foreign companies trading.


Kylesburgh maintains a small defence force, numbering about 498 personnel, of which 295 are in the Army, 167 are in the Navy, and 36 in the Air Force. Kylesburgh has no conscription and has an all-volunteer professional military.


The Army numbers about 235 men, of which one-third are trained as Marines. Despite its small size, the Kylesburgher military has relatively modern equipment, including 8 FT tanks, APCs, and ammunition.


Maintaining security of the island is necessary and if the primary function of the Kylesburgher Navy. It also takes up the function of the Coast Guard in other countries, and operates one battleship (Kylesburgh), one destroyer (Endurance), two frigates (Carpathia, Ruthenia), one submarine, and nine patrol boats.

Air Force

The Kylesburgher Air Force is small, and operates one plane and three helicopters.


Kylesburgh has a small population of 69,887 as of the last census. The UN figures are mostly inaccurate, as the economic statistics submitted by the Kylesburgher government is always misread as the population figure.

Most are of English, Scandinavian, German, Irish, French, Polish, Spanish, and Portuguese ancestry, but the official language is English.

Kylesburghers are evenly divided between Protestants and Catholics, often divided along ancestry. Protestants include many of those with English and Scandinavian descent; Catholics are more common in other ancestries. There are two major churches in the island, the Our Lady of Peace (Catholic) Church in Old Kylesburgh, and Saint George’s Cathedral (Protestant).


Education in Kylesburgh is free. Kylesburghers enroll at Patrick Poole Elementary School or at Kylesburgh High School, almost everyone goes to the University of Kylesburgh. However, students can opt to enroll at the Catholic-run Saint Patrick’s Catholic School and the Catholic University of Kylesburgh; the country also has the Kylesburgh International School.


Health care in Kylesburgh is free. The country has one tertiary hospital – the Kylesburgh General Hospital.


Kylesburgh maintains a cosmopolitan atmosphere, being a melting pot of different cultures.

Arts & Music

The country has one museum, the Kylesburgh National Museum, which hosts exhibits. The country also has robust local music scene, particularly rock music.


The most popular sports include ice hockey, baseball, basketball, and tennis. Kylesburgh also has large skateboarding and surfing communities.




Kylesburgh has a well-developed road network. The major thoroughfares include Kylesburgh Road, which goes through Kylesburgh Pass; and Centre Avenue, which goes through both the Carpathian and Ruthenian Tunnels. Kylesburgher roads are not congested, as many take public transport, either by bus or by the subway network (see next section)


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Kylesburgh has a world-class, efficient subway system that served the entire island. This has made transportation easier and cheaper.


Being an insular country, water transport is important in Kylesburgh. There is a marina in Old Kylesburgh for small boats and yachts. The Port of Kylesburgh handles large ships. Ships of the Kylesburgher Navy are also moored at this port.


Kylesburgh is served by the small Kylesburgh International Airport, which has two landing strips, one for public use, and the other restricted to the Kylesburgher Air Force.


Postal Service

Kylesburgh Post provides postal services. However, due to the increasing popularity of e-mail, the government is looking to downsize or abolish the Postal Service.


Kylesburgh is serviced by the Kylesburgh Telecommunications Company, a joint public-private company. Due to its small size, the country only has one telecommunications company, but there is a high rate of phone ownership. Mobile phones are especially popular in Kylesburgh.


Kylesburgh is one of the most wired countries in the region. Voters can now vote online. Kylesburgh uses the Internet TLD .kyle.



Kylesburgh has only one newspaper, the Kylesburgh Chronicle. Being the only newspaper, the Chronicle is especially careful of avoiding bias in its reporting and is generally perceived to be one of the fairest in the region.

TV and Radio

Kylesburgh has a public TV and radio station, the Kylesburgh Public Broadcasting Service (KPBS). KYLE-TV is a private TV and radio station that provides alternative programing to Kylesburghers. Cable TV is currently unavailable in Kylesburgh.


Kylesburgh is also the home to the movie company Multiversal Studios.