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The Kzuu Maian Football League is the most popular sports League in Kzuu Mai; almost all the teams in all three teams are followed by legions of fans, and the top-end teams' owners are rich beyond imagining, with players paid tens of thousands of Free Shillings per week.

The three leagues are Kiloleague (K.League), the Megaleague (M.League) and the Gigaleague (G.League), although there aren't thousands of teams in any of them; teams move through the leagues either through promotion or relegation, and the fact that they are so short - no more than five months - means that the teams often fight tooth and nail against relegation or for promotion. The Leagues are relatively small, and points are given sparingly (and taken much more easily), also meaning that the teams are forced to play some quality football from the beginning of the season to the end.

The Leagues


  • Jini FC
  • Yarai Utd (based in Gayoshi)
  • Akasaki
  • Nu Taka City
  • Kikali FC (based in Mai Jun City)
  • Jun (based in Mai Jun City)


  • Alaya
  • Jini Utd
  • Jaalain FC (based in Gayoshi)
  • Pailtra (based in Mai Jun City)
  • Kzuugrad Utd
  • Jayal FC


  • Kzuugrad City
  • Raiinal FC (based in Mai Jun City)
  • Nu Taka FC
  • Gayoshi Utd
  • Kayarae FC
  • Kraknu Town

The Kzuu Maian League Cup

The most prestigious award in Kzuu Maian football, the Kzuu Maian League Cup Final is held anually just after the end of the season, with qualifying and the knockout stages beginning around halfway through the season. Some of the greatest - as well as most controversial - football in Kzuu Maian history has taken place in the Cup.

The Final is the most attended sporting event in the country, with the huge Nukes4U stadium in Mai Jun City always completely packed, and much of Mai Square filled with people watching the action on a huge screen.

The latest winners are Jun, Yarai, and Kraknu Town. The latter stunned Kzuu Mai after not only getting to the final, but then defeating Yarai 1-0 by scoring a header from a freekick - there are still arguments about whether the freekick was deserved. The last final, between Jun and Yarai, was the highest scoring so far - Jun 6-4 Yarai.

Note: In this article, "football" refers to soccer, rather than American Football.

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