Lambros Choutos

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Competition Medal Record
Gold Kaza '08 Men's Coxless Pairs
Gold Avid-Diord AOlympics Men's Coxless Pairs
Gold Tyrellia Men's Coxless Pairs
Gold Ashford Men's Coxless Pairs

Lambros Choutos is a Starblaydi rower, specialising in the Men's Coxless Pairs with his partner Anestis Tsitsonis.

Choutos and Tsitsonis proved themselves to be world-class athletes as they won Gold Medals in the Coxless Pairs at both the Kaza '08 Olympic Games and the Avid-Diord AOlympic Games. Perhaps the most famous rowing duo in the world, Lambros and Anestis are always striving to remain in that position.

At their third major competition they won their third Gold Medal in the Coxless pairs, this time in Tyrellia, proving they are the masters of their chosen discipline.