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Flag of Lamoni
Motto: The home of the free
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Nephi
Official Language(s) English
Leader President Andrew Stinson
Population Approaching 11 billion
Currency Rushana 
NS Sunset XML

Animal: Hawk


The Formation of the Free Republic

The Free Republic of Lamoni was founded on the remains of an ancient nation by a band of refugees intent on fleeing from the enemy that we do not name. On the day of the formation, there was a big group (about 1 million) that decided that the Free Republic was not for them. They left, and no one knows what happened to them.

The great move

A year after the formation, the citizens began to feel less and less secure in the Pacific regions. This was perhaps best shown by the inadvertant wars that were started by various Lamoni citizens because they were paranoid. Finally, an ultimatum was recieved from the various attacked (which includes the enemy that we do not name) nations which is still in the national museum. It reads like this: Lamoni, we have noted that you have attacked us. Do not think that we will either forgive or forget this. You have one year to leave this region, or we will combine our forces and not stop until we have killed you to the last citizen.

The surrounding nations were big and strong, which caused many citizens to worry. "Move us!" they cried. "Keep us safe!" A council was formed with the intent to find the Free Republic a new region to call home. After much deliberation (to the point that the Free Republic was considering creating it's own region), it was decided that we would settle in the region of B5Tech. It was a grand trek indeed. Moving millions of people and their buildings and belongings is not a simple task. Many people had to leave belongings behind in order to allow all the citizens to come on board the great ships which had been constructed for the purpose (one of which is maintained and moored at the national museum). On the way, the citizens anxiously waited and talked about what their new lands and neighbors would be like. Even President Matthew Stone was not immune to the tension that was seeming to come from everyone's very pores. He was heard to mutter, "I hope that we aren't just going from the frying pan to the fire. I don't think that the people will be able to stomach another move." The heads of congress, and the Chamber of Deputies heard this (as recorded in their memoirs), but made no reply. When the great ships arrived at B5Tech, we were assigned an area on which to rebuild our great nation. Rebuilding was a VERY hard task, causing many politicians to die to from stress related heart attacks. Still, the government buildings were the first to be erected out in the isolated plains in which we were granted. Eventually, the captiol city of Nephi was established, and from there, the rest of the nation.


After many years had passed, Lamoni joined the UN for the first time. The economy plummeted. It eventually got so bad that we had to resign from the UN in order to get our economy back into shape. In fact, the UN is STILL a strain on the Free Republic's economy, but not nearly as much. By this time, the Free Republic was flourishing, and had scouted out and secured new lands within the region of B5Tech. There were still wars with the enemy that we do not name, but Lamoni eventually gathered the military might and international goodwill to bring ruin to the enemy that we do not name. After we had sold the lands of our former enemy to neighboring nations, we have never heard from that area again, and the adage "Out of sight, out of mind" proved how true it was.

Later: Years after the defeat of the enemy that we do not name, Lamoni again joined the UN as a much bigger and stronger nation. After fending off competitors for the title (one of which (Dune) was backed by the region Axis of Evil), Lamoni became the UN Delegate for the region of B5Tech, and since the region had no founder, Lamoni also came to be the ruler of B5Tech. Frankly enjoying such a position of power, it also happened to help spark a chain of events that would lead to war.

War with Psipronia

There was a slightly older nation in B5Tech called Psipronia. At first they seemed to only want a peaceful co-existance. We later learned about their darker side when they invaded a former nation that was annexed by one of our allies (The Holy Empire of Jom). In a bid to keep the peace, Lamoni sent peacekeepers to the area between the two armed camps. Psipronian forces however, were intent on claiming all of the former nation, and so took potshots at the peacekeepers. At first, we were annoyed, but when the attacks continued, the public pressure to go to war against Psipronia was intense. Finally, last minute negotiations failed, and the Free Republic was forced to declare war against Psipronia. Only, we declared war by having our former peacekeeping personnel attack the Psipronian forces in conjunction with Jom until we could mobilize the rest of our forces. When our forces were mobilized and sent to the war zone, the fight began in earnest. A first attempt to ban Psipronia from the region was blocked by the membership of B5Tech. They thought that it would be a corrupt use of power. The fight dragged on, and a second attempt to ban Psipronia was sucessful. However, Psipronia created a new region (The Sci Fi Alliance), and kept the fight going. Along the way, the Holy Empire of Jom died, and the survivors created the Holy Empire of Jom 2000. By that time, Psipronia had shifted most of it's attention onto the forces of the Free Republic. Fighting alongside our allies, we eventually won decisive battles at Raksha, Al Amaw, the Green River, and Hando. These victories, (which brought us to within sight of the Psipronian capitol) caused the Psipronian leadership to flee, eventually causing the fall of Psipronia. After giving the former Psipronian lands to other nations, the Free Republic's citizens took notice of the cost. Almost a Billion troops were killed, several million troops were severely wounded, and several more million were never found.


After winning the war, Lamoni enjoyed a golden era of peace. The war had left debts, but with patience and good financial planning, they were eventually paid off. With the economy no longer chained to war debts, it skyrocketed, and interest rates had to be raised several times in order to keep inflation down. Things were fine, with only occasional raids into the region by griefers. There was only one raid that came anywhere close to wresting control of the region, but that attempt was repulsed with the aid of new allies. After that, peace reigned again, and the population kept increasing, requiring new lands to live, work, and play on. Attempts to increase the number of nations in B5Tech failed as B5Tech had become a SMALL region after the Psipronia war, and couldn't really spare members for the task of recruiting.

Atlantian Oceania

One day, Lamoni recieved a telegram from the region of Atlantian Oceania in which it was stated that they wanted the Free Republic to move to their region and run for the UN Delegate position. This brought on a massive investigation into the region of AO, and the offer was finally accepted by the President.


Lamoni got involved in the AOWAR when The Protectorate of Starblaydia declared war on The Alliance of Nine States (TLC). The Starblaydi declaration was based on a five man team from TLC's Section 31 making an assassination attempt on Lady Viannor. After the first shots were fired between Starblaydi and TLC forces, the Free Republic declared war on Starblaydia. Shortly after the declaration, President Matthew Stone resigned; and Vice-President Andrew Stinson was sworn in as the Free Republic's second President. He has named Antonio Cruz to be the Vice-President.

Starblaydia was eventually pushed back to it's own borders after Tiberius Starblayde regained power in Starblaydia from Lady Viannor.

The nation of Hockey Canada invaded the SDL ally of Oliverry, and Lamoni has sent 20 million infantry to help our allies. (More to come as the war unfolds)

Alliances including the Free Republic

There are two alliances that the Free Republic has taken part in; the FLMS, and the SDL.

Federation of Like-Minded States

Lamoni, with the help of various other AO and Atlantis nations, created the Federation of Like-Minded States (FLMS). This organization has fallen into disuse.

Strategic Defense League

When the FLMS fell into disuse, Lamoni was instrumental in creating the Strategic Defense League . Like the FLMS, the SDL is designed to ensure the peace and security of the member nations while encouraging fair trade between member nations. SDL HQ is just south of the Nedalian city of Kafra.

Paladin Technologies is the official arms and support equipment corporation for the SDL and other "Approved" nations.

More information

Time Zone


  • Common Long Form: The Free Republic of Lamoni
  • Common Short Form: Lamoni
  • Native Long Form: Free Republic
  • Native Short Form: Lamoni

Capital City: Nephi

Administrative Districts

Lamoni is divided into 7 'states'

Kupro (West Lands)
Belat (Midlands)
Fosnin (North Lands)
Karmat (Capital Lands)
Titra (East Lands)
Muat (South Lands)
Lemnos (Big Island)


Head of State and government: President

Lamonian Constitution


Electoral System

The entire nation is divided into 7 states. Each state has two seats in Congress (Higher house). There are also 150 ‘Trins’ each of which elects one Deputy to serve in the Chamber of Deputies (lower house). The people vote for a slate of electors (each Trin has 5 electors, the presidential candidate wins the election when s/he gets 380 electors) which actually elect the President and Vice President. (That way, the elections are made fairer for every citizen) Also, the Constitution of Lamoni bans any attempt to turn the Free Republic into a dictatorship (See Amendment 25).

Primary Political Parties

Freedom Party - Currently Holds 6 seats in Congress (75 in Chamber)

The Freedom party runs on a platform of mostly centrist positions. They don't like big business, and the economy has suffered from the high (100%) tax rate that they have generated. The people are pressuring them to lower the tax rate, and attempts are being made. President Andrew Stinson is of this party.

Alliance Party - Currently Holds 4 seats in Congress (50 in Chamber)

The Alliance Party is the most right leaning of the three major Lamonian political parties. They are also known as the most corrupt of the three, and are also attempting to establish the Community of Christ (Christian) church as the official church of Lamoni. They are VERY pro-business, and anti-tax. This party is also VERY pro-military.

Liberal Party - Currently Holds 4 seats in Congress (25 in Chamber)

This is the left most party in the Free Republic. The Liberal party is pro-environment, and anti-big business. They also are big on social justice, and are intent on bringing more economic equality to the nation. The Liberal party also wants to see cutbacks on the size and structure of the military to points where the Freedom and Alliance parties have joined forces to prevent them from happening, as they would leave the military in a sorry state.

State Government

The residents of each state will elect the state senate, the state assembly, and the state governor (as well as other state officials). The Trin level isn’t really represented except in the Chamber of Deputies, and when electing the President.


The official currency of the Free Republic of Lamoni is the Rushanna .

Intelligence Agencies

The Free Republic maintains one main intelligence agency:

Lamonian Intelligence Agency (LIA)


The Free Republic is very active in the AO regional soccer championships, also known as Atlantian Oceania Cup of Association Football . Lamoni hosted AOCAF XVI, where we placed second. Lamoni has also participated in the first AO_Bowl , which was held in Sarzonia . Lamoni has also participated in the AORBC.

Sports honors

AOCAF: AOCAF Cup Winner (AOCAF XVII, in Krytenia), (AOCAF XVIII, in Myrtannia)

AORBC: AORBC Cup Winner (AORBC I, in Myrtannia)


The Free Republic has one of the largest populations in AO, but it's military is actually first rate. It is a current/near future military (the better to RP). Military service upon graduating high school (aside from those with valid medical excuses) is mandatory, but the recruits get to select which branch of the military that they will join. Lamoni has an Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Special Forces (the Coast Guard is part of the Navy). The only war that the Free Republic can actually be said to have started is the war of liberation that freed Ainorpisp (now a deceased ally of Lamoni) from the clutches of Psipronia. Lamoni is a member of the Atlantian Oceania Regional Defense Organisation . The biggest threat of war on the Lamonian frontier is from the likely future SDL-SAAS conflict. Lamoni is also the greatest political/military rival of fellow AO nation Starblaydia.

The Free Republic has declared war on Hockey Canada



This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime military readiness. An upgrade in military preparedness is typically made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and announced by the Lamonian Minister of Defense.


This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of national security measures.


This refers to an increase to force readiness above normal. Radio call signs used by Lamonian forces change to currently-classified call signs.


This refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness.


This refers to maximum readiness. It is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on Lamonian military forces or Lamonian territory by a foreign military power. Use of nuclear missiles is authorized.

The Lamonian military is currently on DEFCON 1 alert


The largest of the Lamonian military services, the army primarily uses light arms with the economic situation. The standard Lamonian assault rifle is the Vector CR-21, [1] and the standard Lamonian military/police issue pistol is the Sig-Sauer P220. [2] The Army would also utilize the PT ATW-7 RPG.


The Navy operates mostly destroyers and frigates with small patrol craft as well. The Navy would like to have at least ten Grace class aircraft carriers [3] operating F-22H fighter bombers [4] , EA-6B Aurora EW aircraft [5] , AH-5 Condor helicopters [6] and E-2H AWACS [7] ; with escort ships to match, but the economic policies of the Freedom party don't allow for it. The Navy would also like to have many, many Zimorodok Pseudo-missiles. [8] The Coast Guard is part of the Navy, but can only be used as part of the military during time of war. Lamonian Naval ships have the prefix FRLS, while civilian ships have the prefix LMS.

Air Force

As envisioned, the Lamonian Air Force (LAF) would operate F-22H fighter bombers, B-2 long range stealth bombers [9] , Dark Star UAV's [10] , E-2H AWACS aircraft, C-5 Galaxy [11] and C-130 transports [12] as well as PT AH-5 Condor helicopters. PT F-4 Bird of Prey Fighter-Bombers [13] are under consideration as well for both the Air Force and the Navy. Such a standardization of units would allow for a more cost-effective; as well as effective in general Air Force overall.


The Lamonian Marine Corps as envisioned would be the premier strike force for wars that call for Lamonian troops on the ground far from home. Formerly under the control of the Navy, the Marines are now their own branch of the Lamonian military. The Lamonian Marines Corps and Army; would use PT's MBT-1 Juggernaut [14] as they are envisioned.

Special Forces

Lamoni currently boasts world class Special Forces units that have crystallized into their own branch of military service. These units were invaluable in defending ally Myrtannia from the evil forces of Atheistic Right in conjunction with other allied forces. Their movements are very tightly secreted by LSOCOM (Lamonian Special Operations COMmand).

Paladin Technologies

Paladin Technologies was started when Lamonian Diplomatic Envoy Mr. Charles Newburry cornered his Nedalian counterpart at a diplomatic conference, and shared an extrodinarily shrewd idea that he had. The original company was jointly run by the Free Republic and Nedalia; but then Falcania joined in when Jay Industries merged with PT. The Mission of Paladin Technologies is to design and build world class military weapons and support equipment for SDL and neutral nations.

Lamonian Media

Lamonian Media is dominated by the privately owned Lamonian Broadcasting Company or LBC. LBC owns five national television stations, and two nationwide radio stations. They break down like this:

LBC 1: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US CNN

LBC 2: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US ABC

LBC 3: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US A&E

LBC 4: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US Weather Channel

LBC 5: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US History Channel

LBC Radio 1: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US NPR

LBC Radio 2: Lamonian equivalent to the RL US CNN Radio

In addition, there are numerous local television and radio stations. Newspapers are all held by private investors, with constitutionally garunteed freedom of the press.

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