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The city of Landing was established in 1798 when the S.S. Narwhal, a Yankee trader carrying a small group of Virginia Baptist missionaries crashed in a storm. The temporarily stranded North Americans quickly converted several local Lowland villages to Christianity.

By 1801, after reestablishing contact with their homeland, the ship's crew and missionaries led the newly converted Baptist Lowlanders and the Catholics of Saxmere in a revolt against the pagan Highland king, Ragarth. Fighting continued until 1807, when King Ragarth came to Landing to conclude a truce with the Lowlanders.

During that visit, Ragarth's son converted to Christianity and married the daughter of a missionary. In 1809, Ragarth's son, Joshua, came to the throne and proclaimed the Holy Empire of Excalbia, with himself as the first emperor. In a skilfull move, Joshua named Alvis Miller, the Lowland Governor of Landing, the first Imperial Chancellor. This brought the Lowlands - and the city of Landing - into the Holy Empire.

Today, Landing is the largest city in the Holy Empire and the commercial capital of Excalbia.

<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Landing1.jpg
An image of the Old City showing the Narwhal Memorial, the colonial-style Old City Hall and the modern New City Hall. On an adjacent island, Exsoft Stadium is visible.
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Landing3.jpg
An image of Downtown Landing showing the skyscrapers of the city, Central Baptist Church, AzIntel Field and Landing Coliseum.
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">Landing2.jpg
An image of the commercial corridor of Port Island showing Century Centre and St. Andrew's Cathedral, the see of the Excalbian Chief Bishop of Landing.