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Flag of Laneria
Motto: E Pluribus Unum
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Region Vasconia
Capital Worthington
Official Language(s) English
Leader President Joseph Billington
Population 383,800,000
Currency Dollar 
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The United States of Laneria is a Commonwealth of Peoples member state located in Vasconia. It extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and borders Nabarro Abarca on both the north and south. It also shares a sea border with Hipolis.

The territory which is presently Laneria has been inhabited for at least the last 15,000 years by indiginous peoples. In the 16th century it was explored and colonised by English, French and Knootian expolorers and settlers. In the seventeenth century, most of these colonies rebelled against their home countries to become part of Nabarro Abarca as part of a general move towards Vasconian independence and Nabarran expansion promoted by that nation. On 2 May 1775, the colonies which would later become the United States of Laneria, declared independence from Nabarro Abarca and launched the Lanerian Revolutionary War.

Since its independence, Laneria has more than quadrupled in size, consisting today of fifty states and one federal district. Laneria has also expanded on the liberal democratic principles of its founding by extending suffrage to more and more citizens. Today, all citizens can vote regardless of income, social class, race, gender or age over the age of eighteen. Laneria is one of the three most powerful Commonwealth members and the Commonwealth's de facto capital is the Lanerian city of New Amsterdam.